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There are three main ways to work on your College files at home.

1: With software installed on your home computer

2: With Office 365

3: Using Painsley@Home

1: With software installed on your home computer

If you have a recent version of Microsoft Office installed on your home computer, Office 2007 (service pack 2) and above then you can work on a copy of your College Office documents on your own computer. Other software packages like OpenOffice or LibreOffice will also work for simple documents but not all the more advanced features of Microsoft Office are supported by these other Office programs so more complex MS Office documents may not work fully in College.

The best way to use your own copy of Microsoft Office if you have internet access is to go to -> Secure Areas -> Painsley VLE.

Enter your username and password in the login box.

Navigate to the file you require, highlight it and select edit file.

In the pop-up box select launch application. You can also click the box to remember the links if you wish.

Select “yes” on the next pop-up box and then enter your login details when asked to do so.

When the file opens select enable editing at the top of the page.

Do the work on that file that is required and then save it.

2: With Office 365

Office 365 is Office applications available on the internet not installed on your computer.

If the file you want to work on is a Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, NOT Access) you can use the College’s subscription to Office 365.

Firstly the file has to be made available to Office 365. See the FAQ item “How do I login and use Office 365 and OneDrive storage?”

After the file has been modified and saved, you will then need to save it to your College work area. Download it from Onedrive and then copy it to your College Home area using the Painsley VLE.

3: Using Painsley@Home

Painsley@Home is the College’s own copy of Microsoft Office “Published” online using Microsoft remote Desktop Service.

Go to -> Secure Areas -> Painsley@Home

Log in with your usual College computer username and password but add pca-painsley\ before your username.E.G. if your username is fredbloggs then log into Painsley@Home with


You can then choose between Office applications and a full Painsley desktop with most but not all of the College’s software available. Some applications which do not work well over Remote Desktop Services are not available.


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