Halalan 2016 Tagalog Essay About Nutrition

(SPOT.ph) Senate Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food Cynthia Villar has come under fire for suggesting a ban on unli-rice (which she sort of took back later on). The unlimited rice promo is a big draw for consumers looking to fill their bellies without having to shell out a lot of cash. Her defense: that Filipinos are unhealthy and that we should be eating more vegetables. She was first quoted as saying, “Ipagbawal na 'yang unlimited rice, masama 'yan. Pagbawal na natin 'yang unlimited rice kasi nagkakasakit tayo gawa ng unlimited rice na 'yan; we should learn how to eat vegetables.” 

While her intentions are well-meaning, it shows a remarkable lack of identification with a majority of the populace.

For Filipinos, no meal is complete without rice. We have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes, we even have it for merienda, as evidenced by delicacies like biko, bibingka, and puto. But this is more than just a cultural preference.

While the Philippines is rich in agricultural land, it’s also one of the poorest countries in the region, with many people unable to get three square meals a day. Especially in the cities, the standard of living is high, forcing many citizens to make tough choices on necessities, such as nutrition. Even in rural areas, access to nutritious food is difficult to come by for a variety of reasons. Farmers don’t get paid much, for one. Besides, most of the land they till is used to grow cash crops like oil palm (the palm used for palm oil) or fruits for export, with little to no land left for them to grow food that they can live on.

People turn to rice because it’s cheap, and people turn to unli-rice because it fills their bellies. Sen. Villar’s statement at a recent rice production and consumption hearing saying, “I think we should learn how to eat vegetables because it’s healthier. Kasi sasabihin mas mura ang rice sa vegetables eh ang mahal naman magpagamot ng diabetes,” while, again, sound and well-meaning, underscores an inability to understand the mindset of the majority of the people she serves. Studies have shown that poverty makes people focus on the short term. The stress of worrying about rent, sickness, family, and food makes the brain go into survival mode. Many people think that if only the ‘poor people’ thought long-term, their lives would be better. Turns out they literally can’t. This, among many other things, is what we’re really dealing with, not just the Pinoy’s fondness for rice.

Instead of just telling people to eat less rice and more vegetables, the government should follow their own advice and think long-term. Banning unli-rice is a stopgap measure. What they should be focusing on is upping the regular Filipino's access to cheap, nutritious, culturally acceptable food. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

For one, it would need a reworking of how land is distributed in the country. It would need an overhaul of what we use our farmlands for. It would need focusing on planting and consuming indigenous crops. There are many broken things in our food system that need fixing before we can adequately fix our nutrition problems. Instead of putting the onus on the Filipino people, the Department of Agriculture and other related government agencies should work on fixing the broken systems that make poverty and low wages possible. 

That a government official is shaming the citizenry’s consumption of a staple that’s a cheap way of staving the grumblings of a hungry stomach smacks of privilege. It’s as if she had said, “Let them eat cake.”


Nakatakdang ganapin sa 9 Mayo 2016, ang ikalawáng Lunes ng buwan ng Mayo[1] ang isang halalang pampanguluhan ng Pilipinas. Ihahalal sa araw na ito ang ika-16 Pangulo ng Pilipinas na hahalili kay Benigno Aquino III, na hindi na maaaring tumakbo muli sa naturang katungkulan alinsunod sa Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas ng 1987. Ito ang ikalimang halalang sa pagkapangulo at pangalawang pangulo sa ilalim ng 1987 Saligang Batas.

Inihayag ng Komisyon sa Halalan ang mga opisyal na kandidato sa pagka-Pangulo at Pangalawang Pangulo noong 15 Pebrero 2016. Ito'y makaraang suyurin ang 130 kandidatura sa pagka-Pangulo at 19 naman sa pagka-Pangalawang Pangulo.[2][3] Ang mga pinayagan ng Komisyon na tumakbo sa pagka-Pangulo ay sina Jejomar Binay ng United Nationalist Alliance, Miriam Defensor Santiago ng People's Reform Party, Rodrigo Duterte ng PDP–Laban, Grace Poe na isang independiyente, Mar Roxas ng Partido Liberal, at Roy Señeres ng Partido ng Manggagawa at Magsasaka.

Bago pa naisapinal ang listahan, na nabinbin ng dalawang buwan,[4] nauna nang iniatras ni Roy Señeres ang kaniyang kandidatura noong 5 Pebrero dahil sa kaniyang lumalalang kalusugan, na humantong naman kaniyang pagpanaw noong 8 Pebrero.[5][6] Sa kabila nito, hindi tinanggal ng Komisyon ang pangalan ni Señeres sa opisyal na balota, nang simulan itong ilimbag noong 15 Pebrero, dahil pinapayagan umano ng Omnibus Election Code na magpalit pa ng kandidato ang partido hanggang sa kalagitnaan ng araw ng halalan.[3][7]

Ibinasura naman ng Komisyon ang lahat ng petisyon na idiskuwalipika si Rodrigo Duterte noong 3 Pebrero.[8] Sa kabilang banda, ibinasura ng Komisyon ang kandidatura ni Grace Poe noong 23 Disyembre 2015,[9] ngunit dahil nakadulog ang kampo ni Poe sa Kataas-taasang Hukuman na naglabas ng TRO,[10] nanatili si Poe sa balota. Noong 8 Marso 2016, kinatigan ng Kataas-taasang Hukuman ang petisyon ni Poe laban sa Komisyon, at pinayagang tumakbo sa pagkapangulo.[11]

Mga opisyal na kandidato[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Pangunahing lathalain: Talaan ng mga Kandidato para sa Halalang pampanguluhan sa Pilipinas, 2016

Pangulo[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Pangalawang Pangulo[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Debate[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Ang debateng ito, Harapan ng Bise, ay gaganapin sa ABS-CBN.[12]

Mga talaan ng opinyon[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Pangulo[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Date(s) conductedPollsterSample
Margin of
Jan 8–10SWS[13]1,800±2.0%3132024212
Jan 19First round of oral arguments of Grace Poe's petition to the Supreme Court to overturn the disqualification against her candidacy
Jan 24–28Pulse Asia[14]1,200±3.0%2342030203
Jan 27–Feb 4Standard[15]3,000±1.8%2222029224
Feb 5–7SWS[13]1,200±3.0%2942424182
Feb 8Presidential candidate Roy Señeres dies of cardiac arrest
Feb 9Start of campaign period for candidates for president, vice president, senators and party-lists
Feb 13DZRH–MBC[16][17]7,572±1.13%23.23.926.427192.3
Feb 21First presidential debate in Cagayan de Oro
Feb 16–27Pulse Asia[18]5,200±1.4%2232426196
Feb 24–Mar 1Standard[19]3,000±1.8%2322426224
Mar 4–7SWS[20]1,800±2.0%2442127221
Mar 8In a 9-6 vote, the Supreme Court affirms Grace Poe's natural-born status and declares she is qualified to run based on her 10-year residency
Mar 15–20Pulse Asia[21]4,000±1.5%2322428195
Mar 20Second presidential debate in Cebu City
Mar 26–Apr 1Standard[22]3,000±1.8%1823027212
Apr 2MBC–DZRH[23]7,490±1.13%153.53628.215.21.8
Apr 9The Supreme Court declares that their vote on Grace Poe's natural-born status and 10-year residency is final and executory and she is eligible to become president
Apr 11–16The Center[24]1,800±2.5%23.25226.7526.2520.751
Apr 17Rodrigo Duterte makes a joke about a murdered and raped Australian kidnap victim in a campaign rally
Apr 13–18D' Strafford[25]2,800±1.9%
Apr 16–20Pulse Asia[26]1,800±2.3%1623523176
Apr 18–20SWS[27]1,800±2.0%1423324198
Apr 19–24Pulse Asia[28]4,000±1.5%1823322205
Apr 24Third presidential debate in Dagupan
Apr 27Antonio Trillanes' expose on Rodrigo Duterte's alleged multimillion peso bank accounts and properties
Apr 23–29The Center[29]1,800±2.5%232292521
Apr 25–29D' Strafford[30]4,500±1.2%16.62.725.423.627.83
Apr 26–29Pulse Asia[31]4,000±1.5%1723321225
Apr 28–30Argus[32]6,000±1.9%194312719
Apr 27–May 1Standard[33]3,000±1.8%1523225224
May 1–3SWS[34]4,500±1.0%13233222010
May 1–5D' Strafford [35]4,500±1.2%16.6325.422.530.52
May 9Election day

Pangalawang Pangulo[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Date(s) conductedPollsterSample
Margin of
Jan 8–10SWS[13]1,800±2.0%14288251734
Jan 24–28Pulse Asia[14]1,200±3.0%14335231843
Jan 27–Feb 4Standard[15]3,000±1.8%1531525204
Feb 5–7SWS[13]1,200±3.0%16266261952
Feb 9Start of campaign period for candidates for president, vice president, senators and party-lists
Feb 13DZRH–MBC[16]7,572±1.13%14.826.85.525.
Feb 16–27Pulse Asia[18]5,400±1.4%13265261966
Feb 24–Mar 1Standard[36]3,000±1.8%11304242075
Mar 4–7SWS[20]1,800±2.0%1128526246
Mar 15–20Pulse Asia[21]4,000±1.5%14255252145
Mar 26–Apr 1Standard[22]3,000±1.8%15283252154
Apr 2MBC–DZRH[23]7,490±1.13%18.422.64.329.817.95.51.6
Apr 10First vice presidential debate in Manila
Apr 11–16The Center[24]1,800±2.5%15234292531
Apr 17Second vice presidential debate in Quezon City
Apr 13–18D' Strafford[37]2,800±1.9%1723125322
Apr 16–20Pulse Asia[26]1,800±2.3%16184292437
Apr 18–20SWS[27]1,800±2.0%16182252658
Apr 19–24Pulse Asia[28]4,000±1.5%15182312635
Apr 27Antonio Trillanes' expose on Rodrigo Duterte's alleged multimillion peso bank accounts and properties
Apr 23–29The Center[29]4,000±2.5%15185312533
Apr 25–29D' Strafford[30]4,500±1.2%16182283411
Apr 26–29Pulse Asia[31]4,000±1.5%15183283024
Apr 28–30Argus[32]6,000±1.9%1322433244
Apr 27–May 1Standard[38]3,000±1.8%12203302933
May 1–3SWS[39]4,500±1.0%13153292839
May 1–5D' Strafford [35]4,500±1.2%17181253532
May 9Election day

Kinalabasan[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Pangunahing lathalain: Pagkanbas ng Kongreso para sa halalan para sa Pagkapangulo ng Pilipinas, 2016

Narito ang mga resulta ng Halalan para sa Pagkapangulo at Pagka-Pangalawang Pangulo sa Pilipinas. Ito ay ayon sa opisyal na bilang ng Kapulungan ng mga Kinatawan ng Pilipinas.

Pangulo[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Rodrigo DutertePartido Demokratiko Pilipino–Lakas ng Bayan (Philippine Democratic Party–People's Power)16,601,99739.01%
Mar RoxasLiberal Party9,978,17523.45%
Grace PoeIndependent9,100,99121.39%
Jejomar BinayUnited Nationalist Alliance5,416,140
Opinion polling in the presidential election using three-survey moving average.                     Jejomar Binay                    Miriam Defensor Santiago                    Rodrigo Duterte                    Grace Poe                    Mar Roxas                     Others                     None/undecided
Opinion polling in the vice presidential election, using three-survey moving average.                     Alan Peter Cayetano                    Francis Escudero                    Gringo Honasan                    Bongbong Marcos                    Leni Robredo                    Antonio Trillanes                     Others                     None/undecided
Tulad ng sa taas, ngunit pinapakita ang porsyento ng mga nanalong kandidato bawat lalawigan at lungsod. Tandaan na upang maiwasan ang kalituhan kay Roxax, kulay pula ang ginamit kay Duterte na kanyang kulay noong kampanya.

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