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Even the best students can sometimes struggle with a particular homework assignment or with a fast-approaching deadline. In such situations, you can get homework help online. Ace My Homework is a popular website offering tutoring and homework writing services. Use this objective review to find out if it will be right for you.


The service draws its popularity mainly from the fact that it has a large number of tutors offering help in various academic disciplines. You can see the star rating of each tutor directly and this ads credibility too. The reviews and samples of previous assignments are quite useful for selecting the right helper.

Services and Guarantees 

With Ace My Homework, you can receive help with any type of homework at any academic level. They have tutors in the majority of high school, college and university disciplines. You can have your math or physics problems solved for you or an essay written for you. The service is available around the clock and you can contact a tutor directly via a chat. There is only one guarantee, but it is quite valuable – you get to pay after the work has been done right.

Prices and Discounts 

There is no price list directly available on the website. You will get information on the rate which will be charged only after contacting a tutor for help. This is a major drawback worth pointing out in this review. This means that you cannot plan your budget and may end up paying more than expected. The rate and discount depend on your own negotiations with the tutor to a great extent.

Quality of Services 

The services are of good quality overall, but since every tutor is practically an individual service provider, it’s hard to make generalizations. There are some great professionals for sure, especially given that all tutors are verified degree holders. You just have to watch the rating, reviews and samples to ensure that you will receive reliable homework help. The good thing is that you can contact a tutor right away regardless of the time of day.

Customer Service 

The website is very easy to use and so is the account which you create as a student. It takes little time to find a tutor and to contact them. Live chat support is available at all times. You can expect quick response and resolution. However, there isn’t a direct phone line which you can use to speak to someone directly. This isn’t a major drawback, however. You can expect a good level of security. Your privacy will be well protected.

Additional Features

There aren’t any special tools or extras available to students using the service for homework help at least for now. You can just reach a tutor to assist you with your assignment. Still, there are plenty of details on the solutions available and this is helpful for students and especially those who are using this kind of service for the first time.
Overall, this review’s conclusion is that Ace My Homework is a good place to get homework help from, but you have to focus on finding the best possible helper in terms of quality and price.


  • Average price on market
  • Wide range of subjects


  • No samples available
  • Not enough info on the writers

Writing essays, reports, research papers and any kind of academic assignment is never easy. With mounting pressures and so many commitments, the majority of students are finding it a challenge, to say the least, to complete their assignments before their deadlines. To make matters easier, tutoring websites, such as, have been set up to make research your topic a breeze.

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AceMyHomework – Rating 4.5

Table of contents

  1. Services – 4/10
  2. Prices – 5/10
  3. Content Quality – 4/10
  4. Customer Service – 5/10
  5. Conclusion

Services – 4/10

AceMyHomework claims to be a site where you can sign up to ask a qualified tutor a question, such as the question for your assignment. The tutor will then answer your question in detail, giving you the time-saving information you need to complete your work. However, this service is very difficult to define as there is no services page on the website.

Prices – 5/10

There is no dedicated pricing page on AceMyHomework, making it very difficult to find out the price. In fact, you won’t be able to find out your individual price until your homework has been completed. This means the website can theoretically charge whatever they want.

In my experience, this usually means that the company will simply charge a sky-high price, forcing you to pay since you have already handed over your personal details and they will state that the work has already been completed.

Content Quality – 4/10

There is a tonne of mixed reviews on AceMyHomework. On their website, the reviewers claim that they have received an incredible service. However, none of these reviews has any dates, meaning they could be years old and no longer relevant. Searching online, I quickly discovered many recent customers had had many complaints, the most common being that info provided for their homework was simply copy and pasted from websites like Wikipedia and Google.

Customer Service – 5/10

The only possible way you can contact Ace My Homework is by email. There is no physical address, no live chat, no email form, no social media pages and no phone numbers. This is extremely restrictive and leads me to instantly believe that the website is a scam.

In the reviews mentioned above, many past customers have complained that it can take several days to hear a response from the company. There is also absolutely no mention of a refund policy or a quality guarantee. ReviewConclusion Gloria Kopp

With a poorly designed website, a complete lack of services, an adverse absence of communication and contact methods and insufficient information on pricing, I simply cannot recommend as a tutoring website you should be using.
Even the web pages themselves just scream that the business is a scam. With this in mind, I highly advise against using the service and would suggest taking your business to a more reputable and trustworthy website.

Rating: 2.9

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