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FSU Essay On Leadership - With A Free Essay Review

Over the past few years, leadership has played an important role in my life. I've been impacted and influenced by those who are in charge, but it wasn't until recently that I realized what it means to be a leader. It means to be a person who wants to inspire others to achieve the unachievable, to reach for new heights, and to never let limits define you. I'm proud to say that I'm a leader.

Let me start off by saying I wasn't always this way. Good leaders aren't born, they're made. Ever since I can remember I've never liked to be bossed around. Don't get me wrong, I believe instructions are crucial to any process and that one should always respect the authority of someone in power, but I've always wanted to be the person giving out the orders. I wanted to have their influential power. So what exactly again makes me so different from the millions of other people who want this very power? I took my desires and aspirations and made them a reality.

It didn't happen overnight. In fact, it's taken me years, but thanks to my leadership class I've learned how to make my dream an actuality. But what is my dream? I've always wanted to be president. Maybe not of the country (at least not yet), but definitely of something. I believe they make some of the biggest changes in the community. However, year after year I've fallen short.

It all started in 5th grade, the first speed bump on my road to success. I ran for class president, and had my mind set on winning. I hung banners all around the school, practiced my speech, even handed out buttons. Despite all that I fell short, but I wouldn't let that separate me from my dream. I ran for president of Science Club in 8th grade, and once again I came up empty handed. Just this year I ran for president of Astronomy Club, and after losing by single digits I was convinced some former classmate put an ancient evil curse on me. Regardless, I was determined.

Just recently, I broke my hex. I realized I didn't want to just lead a club, I wanted to start one I was passionate about. That's when it hit me; I needed to start Health Occupations Students of America. Week after week I harassed the activities advisor. I started a petition and got over 100 signatures on the first day. I was even featured in the school newspaper. After weeks of hard work, my long awaited dream became a reality. I am now founder and president of HOSA, and together we are making a difference in our community. Yet, it's not just about winning a presidency; it's about taking initiative and persevering through life’s obstacles. I believe I have the leadership qualities to make a difference in the Florida State University community, and I've set my mind on a new dream: to become a Seminole.


I can respond to your essay fairly quickly because I don't have a whole lot to say about it that I have not already said about another FSU essay a couple of days ago. Look it up at this url:

That essay was about service, while yours is about leadership, but the point about not really answering the posed question remains the same. You spend a lot of time talking about the history of your obsession with being a president of something or other, but devote little attention to the task of explaining why "leadership" as a characteristic of the FSU community appeals to you. The question really asks you to think about the nature of leadership and explain why it’s important. Of course something like an answer to that question is implicit in your essay: you don't want to be bossed around; you want to have influence and power. That answer is implicit because you have chosen to write your essay about you, as opposed to writing your essay about leadership and the qualities of leadership that appeal to you. As a consequence, I think, the concept of leadership that you discuss in your essay is fairly narrow. You have a little bit in your first paragraph about inspiring people, and a little bit in your last paragraph about "making a difference" - whatever that means - but for the most part you sound like you want to be a leader (i.e., in charge of something) for the sake of being a leader, and you have nothing ostensibly to say about the responsibilities of leadership, nothing much about the kind of traits that make a good leader, nothing about the knowledge required to lead, nothing about leading by example, and very little explicitly about what leadership contributes to a community. So, I suggest that you: a) think a little more about what leadership means; b) explain why that appeals to you; c) demonstrate, if you can, your understanding of how leadership is a quality embraced by FSU; d) include, not as the focus of your essay, but as support for your contention about how leadership appeals to you, your history of wanting to contribute to you high school community as a leader; e) and generally tone down the self-congratulation a little. For example, here's self congratulation: "I'm proud to say that I'm the best" And here's something more appealing: "I strive always to be better."

Best, EJ

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Hello :)

I was informed to write an essay about "How I Am A Leader" I couldn't think of anything, and I'm waiting for some hints from you guys. If someone can come up with an introduction that would be great, because my mind is running out blank.

Thanks and sorry for taking some of your time

A good leader must be articulate so he can understand everyone he leads. A good leader must also be strong minded so he can convince people to do what is right for the group. Last but not least, you must be intelligent enough to know what is right for the group and back up your other two traits. The best leaders are articulate, strong minded, and intelligent.

A good leader must be articulate, in order to reach all the different types of people in the group. Someone who can speak well can convince all the people of the group to do as he or she wishes. One who speaks well can impose their thoughts on the group. Also, someone who does not speak well is less likely to be listened to than someone that does speak well. One who speaks well will benefit the group the most.

Although you must be articulate, you must also be strong-minded to back up you statements. Being strong-minded can help to convince people to do as you would like. If someone can keep a group under control they can keep everyone working and bettering the group, and this takes a strong-minded person. If one is strong minded they could keep everyone on task and getting along. And most importantly a strong-minded person can keep himself on task.

To be a good leader you must be strong-minded, but more importantly you have to be intelligent. Someone who is smart can back up his or her statements with fact. If someone is intelligent people are more likely to listen to their ideas before someone who is less intelligent. If one is intelligent they have the ability to instruct a group properly. And if one is intelligent they can organize the entire groups' projects better the less intelligent person.

A good leader has to be articulate, strong-minded, and intelligent. If one is intelligent they can reach many different types of people on many different levels. One who is strong-minded can convince people that their ideas are correct.

I still couldn't get any of what you asked me to do :/

describe moments in your life where you took charge
start out saying that leadership is a relative term that can mostly be defined my the leaders followers

Google this: science of leadership

You can cite scholars like Prentice, Goleman, and others whose work you find when you research the science of leadership.

If you do a search for articles, you can find so many great articles about leadership science. Also, there are many styles: charismatic, transactional, transformational, servant...

Do your reading, write about what you understand, and you really will be a leader! :-)

Thank EF-Kevin I'll google that right now ^_^

Last but not least, you must be intelligent enough to know what is right for the group and back up your other two traits. ---I simplified here.

Don't use "Someone" and then ""as you wish." It has to be like this: Someone who can speak well can convince all the people of the group to do as he or she wishes.

Someone who is smart can back up his or her statements with fact.----Good point! That is what I want you to do. When you make these statements about leadership, you should mention which authors wrote about leadership in the way you are talking about it. You and your reader need a common reference point if you are going to communicate something to her or him, so... how about if you write a few sentences about leadership as it is defined by Prentice? Google this: Understanding Leadership, Prentice, Harvard Business Review

:-) You have a nice way of writing, but it is impossible to write much without stopping to read a great article once in a while.

In the first para, you are talking about "he" and then you are talking about "you." Stick with one or the other. I think you should use "he." Do not write about "you."

Okay, you are still just saying things that everyone knows. Someone who communicates well is more likely to be listened to. That is obvious. Only by citing meaningful books and articles about leadership can you say something that is meaningful and not obvious.

So, here is your homework: read that article by Prentice, and write a few sentences about what he teaches in the article. Then, write a few sentences about how you embody the leadership he describes.


How to write an essay on Essay Leadership (leadership roles)?

I need to write a essay on leadership and how one person can improve his leadership roles so far I cant think of nothing, any ideas?

Have you ever done a leader before. For instance: monitor of your class, leader of a high school program or local society program, or even leader of a sport team and whatever group. If you lead a big show, you may talk smartly about how big it is, what you had to do, how hard it was. If you are only a leader of a small group, don't worry. You focus on details, draw them a picture of that day, what was the most difficult task you did and how you got through.

Good luck!

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