Lego City Undercover 100% Guide Special Assignments

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Begin by pulling the lever to the left of the red-checkered door. Smash the box inside and build the bricks into an astronaut box. Decode the puzzle and some bricks will appear in the garage to the far right. Build them into a color swapper, then use the new color to paint the blank boxes on the front of the closed garage.


Inside the garage you'll find the Fireman disguise. Use it to put out the fire to the northwest and chop through the door on the right. Next, grab the green handle and use it to shut off the out-of-control hose.


In the next area, you'll need to catch several firemen as they jump from the burning building. Walk the net to the right and left to break their fall. After they're all on the ground, hop into one of the water cannons and blast the flames in the building


Next, grab the box of bricks from the newly opened door and carry them over to the right where you can construct a ladder. Climb up to the third floor and chop through the boarded door there. Head right and break through another door, then climb the blue pipe on the side of the building. On the fourth floor, chop through another door in the back to reach some dynamite.


Use the dynamite to blow up the wall to the left, then swing across the handholds on the ceiling. Chop through another door, then use the grappling hook to pull down the ladder there.


On the roof, guide the car into the large red container to blow it up and open a path to the right. Save the cat there then head to the next area.


Inside the station, you'll need to get the chief out of his office. Do so by playing the water hose carnival game, blasting the clown heads when they turn towards you.

Next, head upstairs and smash the furniture along the back wall to find a scan spot. Use it to find a key, then open the room on the left.


Inside the office, smash the objects in the back to find the pieces to build a trampoline, then bounce up to the rafters and jump along to the right. On the last one, switch to your farmer disguise and chicken-glide to the chief's office roof.


Break through the hatch on the ceiling and drop down into the office, then crack the safe on the right-hand wall. Head back downstairs with the key to open the door to the final area.


Smash the object in the top-right corner of the next area to find a scan spot, then follow it to find a handle. Use it to activate an elevator, then swing across to the right.


Smash the large box in the next section to find an astronaut box. Use it to call down a dynamite dispenser, then go back to the left and blow open the silver door.


Use the color swapper inside, then head back to the right and blast the switch there. This will turn off the fans above, allowing you to chicken-glide over to the last section.


Smash the blue and white canoes and rebuild their pieces into a catapult. Launch yourself over and blast the switch on the wall. Head back over to the left and break open the door where the thugs are waiting. Finally, jump into the fire boat and blast the water tank on the wall to open the door.


Police Shield Piece 1

Hit five bells above doors in the first area with your fire extinguisher. Three are in the first area, above the garage and fire station doors. Two more are on the building in the left side of the area.

Character Token 1: Ramon Lopez Delgado

Use your fire extinguisher to put out the flaming barrel with all the firemen around it. Doing so will make the token appear above.


Vehicle Token 1: Extender

In the left side of the first area, break open the large crate with the orange handle on it to find this token.


Vehicle Token 2: Fire Tracker

After climbing up into the building, use Rex again to pull open an orange-handled box. Carry the lever you find back to the right and use it to lower the vehicle there. Hop in to obtain the token.

Character Token 2: Charlotte Hannon

Run on a treadmill in the back of the fire department to obtain this token.


Police Shield Piece 2

Find and smash five stacks of gifts strewn about the fire department to get this shield piece.


Red Brick: Fancy Dress

Chop through the door on the right side of the lower floor of the fire department to find this red brick.

Police Shield Piece 3

Put out three barrel fires in the final area to obtain this piece.


Police Shield Piece 4

After launching yourself over to the right via the catapult, pull a lever on the wall to drop an inflatable raft. Hop onto it and paddle to the left, following the studs, until you unlock this shield piece.


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The Colossal Fossil Hustle

Begin by heading to the back-left side of the area and pushing the barrel there to the left. Break into the door it was blocking and open the cabinet to unlock the Construction disguise.


Next, fix the fuse box in the same room to unveil a color switch. Now, head to the bottom-right side of the stage and use the astronaut box to beam in a color swapper. Use it, then shoot the switch you just uncovered.


Hop in the steamroller and drive it on top of the large red switch to open the gate to the next area.

After opening the gate, look for four patches of broken ground and use your new-found drill to break them up further. Jackhammer down through each one to release a geyser, emptying a pool in the background bit by bit.


Use the astronaut crate at the bottom of the pool to beam in some gears that you can place into the mechanism on the wall to the right. Next, pull the switch to drop some more pieces which you can build into a ladder to reach the unfinished building in the back.


Pull down a ladder with your grappling hook, then break into the room above to find a dynamite dispenser. Take some of the explosives back down to the silver wall below and blow it up to advance.


Grapple up to the next floor and head to the right. Fix the fuse box on top of the yellow elevator, then drop down and pull the lever to ascend.


Douse the fire to the left, then use the farmer disguise to grow some vines on the wall. Climb up and head to the right, dropping down just short of the toxic gas fumes to pull a switch, deactivating them. Chop through the boarded-up door in the next room to enter the next area.


Drop down the tube into the next large area, then head to the left and smash the boulder next to the dog house to find a scan point. Follow the clue to dig up a bone, then dump it in the bowl to lure the dog away. Grab the key from the dog house and use it to open the door in the back, next to the flustered construction worker. Pull the lever inside to open the gate to the left.


In the next area you'll find a Superbuild for the crane, but you likely won't have enough superbricks to build it. Head back to the right and drill down through the ground to find your first one. Next, drill through the ground further to the right to spring a geyser that will lift you up to a short event where you must destroy all the objects with your drill. A superbrick will be your award.


Head back toward the superbuild and jump up to the small building in the back. Break into it for another superbrick. Now you should have enough to build the crane.


Hop into your newly-constructed crane and drive to the right. Use it's arm to arrange the colored pipes on the ground, opening the gate to the exit.


Police Shield Piece 1

Destroy five piles of boulders in the first area to gain this shield piece.


Police Shield Piece 2

Drink three cups of coffee at each station scattered around the first area and this shield piece will be yours.


Vehicle Token 1: Foundation

Turn the wheel on the side of the cement mixer in the bottom-right corner of the first area to knock some bricks down. Build these into a small switch-activated elevator that will take you up to the vehicle token.


Red Brick: Studs x6

Chop through the door on the middle office in the first area to find this brick.

Character Token 1: Construction Foreman

On the first floor of the under-construction building, climb the ladder to the right of the elevator, then use the jetpack to reach a handhold that will allow you to reach the room above where the token awaits.


Vehicle Token 2: Roller

Before sliding down the tube in the very beginning of the second area, smash the small bin in the corner to find this token.

Police Shield Piece 3

In the second area, build three objects (a duck, the Traveller's Tales logo, and a LEGO man's head) to obtain this piece of shield.


Character Token 2: Patrick Wenham

Directly behind the LEGO head that you built for the third police shield piece is a small bin. Crack it open to find this token.

Police Shield Piece 4

Destroy a pile of boulders in the second area to find a scan point, then follow it to a hatch which will produce a pile of bricks. Build these into an RC digger and use it to dig up four piles of dirt.


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