Weekly Homework Sheets

- [Dan] Hello, Internet. - [Phil] Hey, guys. Hi. - Hello, Internet. ♪ [music] ♪ - Why do you always make cat whiskers on your face? Hello, everyone! Hey, guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello. - Hello, hello, hello. Hi, hi. In the middle, hey. How you doing? At the very top, hi. Hi. How are you? - Hi. Hello. - So Hollywood, how are you doing tonight? Are you good? All right. Well, Dan, at no point in life, thought he'd be saying that, seriously. But good that you are good. Yes. - Yeah. So Dan, as we're here in Hollywood... - We are, indeed. - I would like three facts about Hollywood, please. - Wait. What? - Three facts. - You can't just ask me to give them facts. I don't have anything prepared. - I mean you must know something about Hollywood. Come on. Fact one. - Okay. I know something that happened this morning. We were walking through Hollywood, and we saw Shrek's star on the Walk of Fame, seriously. - That we did. - I am not joking. We were just looking down, and I was like, "Wait. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. My senpai." It was good. It was an emotional moment for me. - There was actual tears on that Shrek star. - There were, actually. - Fact two. - Another fact is that this is the actual theater where the Oscars happen. That's awesome, right? You guys, you are sharing seats with some celebrity butts. I am telling you that, seriously. - Definitely. - Just soak it up. Oh, yeah. - Fact three. - Obviously a fact is that the people of Hollywood have beautiful American accents. That's true. - Yes. - It is a wonderful thing for us Brits. I have an idea. As Phil just so kindly put me on the spot like that, how's about Phil gives us his best American accent? - You can't make me do an American accent. - We all want to hear Phil attempt that. Don't we? Come on. - I am sorry in advance. Oh, hey, Hollywood. I'm so happy to be here. That was terrible. That was really bad. - What was that? Okay. - I'm sorry. - Well, I don't know about you guys, but I feel like we should move on before we get deported. Yeah. Right. Well, this is all good. Phil, I don't want to alarm you or anything, but look around. What the heck is all of this stuff? Isn't that one of your house plants, Phil? - Yes. There's my cactus, Loki. - Loki? - Yeah. - I wasn't aware you started naming your house plants. - I named the cactus. - Okay. But no, look. It's the rubber duck from our bathroom or the stickers from your laptop. - There's my Sharpie collection as well. - What is under that thing? - You know I can't resist something covered with a mysterious cloth. - Should Phil pull it off? Yeah, come on, Phil. - Wow. - That's huge. - I'm going to ride it. - You're going to what? - I'm going to ride it. - Okay. Phil is mounting the giant lion, everybody. [cheering] - It's so majestic. - Right. So if there was a giant lion under that sheet, then I wonder what's going to be under that one. Okay. I think we all know. Let's see. Okay. And it is... a giant llama. Wow. Oh, would you look...

The Learning Train Rolls on with Free Worksheets

After a long day at school, followed by homework, there’s a good chance your child is going to want to turn off the learning faucet. We understand that, but we also understand that the more kids practice, the quicker they’ll achieve their full educational potential. So we designed dozens free worksheets and printables that will keep the learning ball rolling, but in a fun, informal way. Math, reading, writing, history, civics, science, the arts—all the subjects that are taught in the classroom can be found in our online portals, with many of the worksheets featuring professional illustrations that will keep kids of all ages focused on the task at hand. Want to further accelerate the learning? Break out a stopwatch and tap into your child’s competitive spirit by challenging him to complete an entire multiplication worksheet in less than a minute. Better yet, keep track of how long it takes him to complete in a fill-in-the-blank story page, then hand him another one and see if he can beat that time.

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