Definition Essay On Friend

How To Compose A Definition Essay About The Best Friend

A definition essay will require students to look at a particular topic, and use descriptive language, as well as various objective ideas, in order to provide the reader with a better understanding of the topic in question. Essentially, you need to define the topic you are talking about.

If the topic that you need to use as the basis of your definition essay is ‘the best friend’, then you have a variety of different approaches that you can take when it comes to composing the work. For example, you may wish to base your essay on a definition of your own best friend. For example, you may wish to define their personality, their appearance, or even your friendship as a whole with them.

Alternatively, rather than referring to a particular person, you may wish to define the concept of a best friend instead. For example, you may wish to look at various features or aspects relating to friendships, and what most people consider important when it comes to developing relationships with other people. Furthermore, you may wish to try and define why some friendships are stronger than others, and lead to people becoming best friends.

Researching for your topic

When writing a definition essay, you do not always need to carry out a huge amount of research. Essentially, you may be using your own knowledge of the subject, as well as your ability to write descriptive language, in order to create the work. Of course, if you are writing about your own best friend, then you may not even be able to research the topic any further, as you already know who they are, and potentially what you should write. As a result, many students enjoy writing a definition essay, as it can often reduce the amount of research that they have to do.

Taking an objective approach

If you are writing about your own best friend, then there will inevitably be a certain amount of subjective opinions included within your writing. However, you should still try to be as objective as possible. In fact, if you are writing about the topic of friendship in a generic way, rather than referring to any person in particular, then it is even more important to try and be as objective as possible, so as to ensure that you are given an accurate definition, and not simply listing your opinions about a particular topic.

The word friend is a very familiar word among people. Some people take friends as being an advantage or others may take it as being a disadvantage. Most friendships start off on the right path, but some can end up for the worst. This leads to a friendship heading down a path of destruction. Three main reasons why two people cease being friends are losing interests in common, jealousy, and having negative influences. The first reason why two people may cease being friends is losing interests in common. Having interests between two friends can maintain a friendship. When they cease having similar interests, their friendship breaks apart. Losing interests between the two friends can cause them to quit speaking to each other then causes the bond of communication to break down between friends. Also, not sharing the same values and beliefs can cause a friendship to come apart.

The second reason why two people stop being friends is jealousy. One may be jealous of the special treatment that the other friend receives. From the outside looking in, one friend may always seem to get their way, which may cause jealousy between the two. Another situation may involve one of the friends getting more attention than the other, which may cause the other friend to less important than what they already are. Also, for each friend not to be or act like themself can cause problems as well. Imitating a friend in the way that they may act or speak can cause major issues because the other friend may feel like they need to be just like their friend in order to have attention instead of just being themselves.

The use of rude comments can come into play too because using derogatory words can put another friend down and lower their self-esteem. This can cause the two friends to stray away from each other. The last reason why two people cease being friends is being bad influences on each other. Not being a role model for a friend can definitely play a major part for two friends to cease their friendship. For example, using foul language and staying in trouble with the law all the time can be reasons why a friend may call off a friendship. Also, their friend may lead him or her down the wrong path. Introducing the friends to drugs and alcohol can make their friendship be a negative influence.

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