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Quality and Quantity do not go hand-in-hand- the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also believes on this popular saying. In a recently held programme, the PM said that it is time to lay more stress on the quality of education, rather than on its quantity.

Since, the last many years, the government’s focus is on spreading education across the country.The government had been expanding education by building new schools and colleges and hiring new teachers. But, now according to the PM, the time has come to shift the focus on quality education. The government should emphasise more on learning, rather than opening schools.

The quality of education can be improved in the following ways:

With the advancement in technology, technology can be used to improve the education system. It is time that e-Learning should be introduced, at all levels.

Awareness among parents regarding their wards’ education can certainly help improve educational standards in the country.According to the PM, the government has already started taking steps for raising the educational standards. Many out-of-box ideas were discussed at the recently held Budget. Universities were asked about their requirements to become the best in the world. Secondly, it is being seen that a lot of emphasis is put on skill-based and long-distance education formats.

All these steps would surely improve the quality of Indian education in a short time.

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When we were young, we used to think that having a lot of friends is a cool thing. Well, it may be nice to have a lot of friends but when we are starting to mature, we’ll realize that having true friends is more important than having a lot of fake friends.

True friends accept you for who you really are while fake friends only like some aspects of you for certain reasons.

True friends accept your flaws. You don’t really need to adjust for them. Fake friends only like you for certain reasons because they could just use you or they are only friendly to you because they only need something from you or they see you as beneficial.

Sometimes you meet your true friends at the most unexpected times while you meet your fake friends in common situations.

You may have met your true friend in the most awkward incident, at the most unexpected situation. Some of your true friends may have hated you before or disliked you. Some of them may have been part of a different circle of friends but you really can’t explain how it happened, it just happened that the two of you would be able to interact with each other then you just became close without forcing it. Fake friends would only approach you just because they feel like the two of you may seem like you have the same interests or they need some companion because they don’t want to be called loners.

True friends would tell you straight up what they dislike about you or if they have any problem with you while fake friends would rather say false appreciation to you.

True friends would tell you immediately if they are irritated with some of your actions because they want to be honest to you. They don’t talk behind your back what they dislike about you because they tell those things to you straight up. Fake friends keep on saying that there is nothing wrong with you and just keep on saying things that they appreciate about you because they don’t want you to have impressions of them saying negative things about you. They make up stories and talk behind your back.

True friends remember the smallest details about you while fake friends only remember some of your “basic” details.

True friends remember the smallest details that you tell them no matter how random they may be. They know your birthday even if you don’t constantly remind them when it is. Fake friends don’t even know when your birthday is. They don’t even listen to you. They only listen to you verbally but not wholeheartedly whenever you open up to them.

You could talk to your true friends about anything that you want to talk about while you become selective with the topics that you opt to talk about with your fake friends without you noticing it.

You could tell your true friends even the worst thing that you’ve done and they won’t judge you. You can’t keep any secret from them. Fake friends will immediately judge you without telling you their insights regarding the topic that you opt to converse with them.

True friends really care about you while fake friends only care about what would be beneficial from you.

True friends genuinely care for you, they want you to always be comfortable with them that is why they want you to show them the real you. Fake friends want you to adjust for them so that they will be the ones comfortable.

True friends envision their future with you while fake friends don’t even see their future with you.

True friends are timeless. They want you to be part of their future lives. Fake friends are temporary. They only need you for a short span of time.

True friends ask you how you are after a long time of not being with each other while fake friends don’t even remember you.

True friends ask you what’s new with you. You could go on days, weeks, and months without seeing each other due to some reasons but when you talk to each other, you won’t even notice how long have the two of you haven’t conversed with each other. Fake friends just remember you whenever they need something from you.

True friends want you to be happy while fake friends want to see you miserable.

True friends want you to be happy in whatever you do as long as you are not doing what is wrong. They guide you in life. They want to see you succeed. They support your aspirations for yourself. They got your back no matter what. They just want the best for you. They are part of your support group. True friends want you both to succeed together. Fake friends laugh at you whenever you fail. They don’t even help you get back up from a downfall. They secretly wish to see you fail and they want to be the successful one.

Keep your circle small. Having few friends is better than having a lot of fake friends because at least you know that no matter what, they would be there for you while fake friends are bound to leave you.

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