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Last week’s 15-Minute Forum by Iqra Razzaq (@iirazzaq), summarised here:

Takeaway homework is a great new idea taken from the 100 Ideas book by TeacherToolkit. The idea is that students are given a menu of differentiated (by ‘chilli rating’) homework tasks from which they select one activity to complete. The majority of menus are generic so that the same tasks can be used across the year in a subject, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be made specific from time to time. Menus can be made specifically for certain units of work or topics. For example, in English the menu can be made for a particular book or play, to set the scene for students and allow them to really get stuck into their own learning.

Links to the resources I shared:

Takeaway_Homework (by @Ashley_Loynton)


5MinReflectionPlan (by @Ashley_Loynton)

Lesson plan – a ‘simplified’ lesson plan that can be used by students to plan their own learning!

Y9_Much_Ado_Homework_Menu – an example specific to English

(please let me know if I’ve missed any other credits here) 

A key point to remember is that the menu gives students full ownership of their own homework… or so they think! Activities can be structured by including success criteria or steps to success, which can then be used to assess the student’s work – if you want to assess the work that is. So you might think well why would I not want to assess it? Well, why not make the students assess their own work or peer-assess the learning in the following lesson, using another great resource called the 5 minute reflection plan (modified from an idea by @abbie_tucker). Using the different tools side by side allows great structure to be given to the takeaway homework which at first may seem dauntingly open ended.

If you’re itching to formally assess something then you could always assess the progress they have made on their reflection plans!

The 5 minute reflection plans are great. They clearly show what the students are first aware of and what their problem areas are. This can then be used to promote independent learning by getting students to find the missing pieces of their own jigsaw puzzles, or if there is an area all students are struggling with then provisions can be made to cater for this as a whole class.

Please feel free to come and see me if you missed the session and want me to go over it again. If you do try the Takeaway Homework with your classes I’d love to see your menus and the homework the students produce. Good luck and enjoy your meal!

If you’ve used any of the resources or ideas from this post, please leave a comment below and let us know how well it worked!

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