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 30 Aug 2011, 19:13

The school is making steady progress towards AACSB accreditation. Best case scenerio, it may get accredited in 2012. Here is some information found on JHU Carey Business Schools online job posting:

"AACSB Accreditation
In May 2009 the Carey School initiated the process to pursue accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Despite certain questions that were raised about diversity, faculty and programs submitted for exclusion from the accreditation process, the school’s Eligibility Application was accepted by the AACSB’s Pre-Accreditation Committee (PAC) in June 2009. The school prepared and submitted the required Accreditation Plan in August 2009 and in January 2010 received notification from the AACSB that its plan was accepted. Seven concerns were raised, primarily about the school’s Assurance of Learning program and its faculty resources. The Carey School submitted its first required progress report in March 2010. The school was notified in May 2010 that its Progress Report was accepted, but five areas of concern, mostly about faculty resources, were identified. The school submitted its second progress report January 15, 2011. The Assurance of Learning program and faculty resources remain the only concerns of the Initial Accreditation Committee (IAC). The next progress report will be submitted in January 2012."

[Note: I would post the link, but since i created this account just now the site says that i cannot post links for five days. I found the Dean Job posting online so the information is publically available.]

[ size=+2][ color=green][ b]Decision: Accepted[/b][/color][/size]
[ size=+2][ color=orange][ b]Decision: Waitlisted[/b][/color][/size]
[ size=+2][ color=red][ b]Decision: Rejected[/b][/color][/size]

[ b]Objective:[/b][ list]
[ *] SAT I (breakdown):
[ *] SAT I superscore (breakdown):
[ *] ACT (breakdown):
[ *] ACT superscore (breakdown):
[ *] SAT II:
[ *] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0):
[ *] Weighted GPA:
[ *] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):
[ *] AP (place score in parentheses):
[ *] IB (place score in parentheses):
[ *] Senior Year Course Load:
[ *] Number of other EA applicants in your school:
[ *] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):[/list] [ b]Subjective:[/b][ list]
[ *] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parentheses):
[ *] Job/Work Experience:
[ *] Volunteer/Community service:[/list] [ b]Writing (Write a brief description and Rate Quality on 1-10 Scale; 10 as Best):[/b][ list]
[ *] Essays (Include Subjects):[ list]
[ *] Common App Main:
[ *] JHU essay:
[ *] Other:[/list][ *] Teacher Recommendation #1:
[ *] Teacher Recommendation #2:
[ *] Counselor Rec:
[ *] Additional Rec:
[ *] Interview:
[ *] Art Supplement:[/list] [ b]Other[/b][ list]
[ *] Date Submitted App:
[ *] State (if domestic applicant):
[ *] Country (if international applicant):
[ *] School Type:
[ *] Ethnicity:
[ *] Gender:
[ *] Income Bracket:
[ *] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):[/list] [ b]Reflection[/b][ list]
[ *] Strengths:
[ *] Weaknesses:
[ *] Why you think you were accepted/deferred/rejected:
[ *] What would you have done differently?:[/list][/list][ b]Other Factors:[/b]
[ b]General Comments/Congratulations/Venting/Commiserations, etc:[/b]

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