Everyone Should Stay In School Until 18 Essay Topics

Education is an essential for every one. It is the fundamental right for every person in this world and become the third eye of a person. Nowadays, life is very fast and tough to survive without knowledge and knowledge comes with education. But fixing the age for schooling has its pro and cons and this essay discuss both sides.

Some people think that with this method, a country can raise is literacy ratio easily which is beneficial for that country. Some people believe that it is best method to stop child labor for country like India where child labor rates are high.Some times, some kids drop study as think they are weak in study early age but by fixing age to study they have to schooling and at age the age of 18,now teenager becomes more mature and they can go for further study also so with this there is chance to increase ratio of higher education also.

Opponents believe that every child has special traits. Some has interest in study while other has curiosity in other activities like painting, sports and music so on.The fixing the age can destroy the talents of those kids who does not have interest in that field and is the pure wastage of time for that youngster .For example, famous Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar parents did not force him for study , now he has great carrier in cricket as well as graduate person in his life.

To sum up , The fixing of age for study is not good thought as children has the freedom to choose his way according to their taste. It can have terrible impact on teen mental level. It looks possible in theoretically but not practically.

In recent decades, compulsory education has been attracting a great deal of media attention, due to its substantial impacts on students’ careers. Although some benefits associated could be pronounced, it is not applied to everyone.

On the one hand, there are many advantages when it comes to staying at school until 18. First, students will be equipped with enough empirical knowledge and practical skills required for any occupation. This means that they could find a high-paid job with many benefits in kind easily, promoting their living standards. In addition, educational institutions are invariably associated with many moral lessons and codes of conduct, leading youngsters especially those at the age of 16 and 18 to the path of honest living. In fact, many young individuals dropping out of schools before 18 have more tendency to commit crimes than those finishing compulsory education.

On the other hand, it is true that compulsory education is unnecessary to everyone. If students have passion on any specific subject, they should relinquish compulsory education to dedicate themselves to developing necessary skills and acquiring knowledge for this subject. For instance, Students having competence in business should apply for financial institutes instead of schools. This will act as an incentive for their acquisition of finance-related knowledge and business management skills, making them the successful businessmen in the future.

In conclusion, I belive that not everyone needs to stay at school until the age of 18. Students should follow any subjects based on their personal preferences so that their potential capacity could be unlocked.

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