Product Manager Cv Cover Letter

The templates on this page are a Project Manager cover letter sample and a product manager cover letter example. The cover letters below have been written based on real resume samples hosted on our website.

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Both of the letters on this page were built using our cover letter templates.

Table of Contents

  1. Project Manager Cover Letter Sample
  2. Product Manager Cover Letter Sample

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1. Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Our project manager cover letter template emphasizes the applicant’s achievements with three bullet points. Use the samples to help you format your own cover letter.

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Project Manager Cover Letter Sample

Project Manager Cover Letter (Text Format)

August 1, 2016
Jeff Lebowski

187 Maybrook Street
Orlando, Florida 94000

Dear Mr. Lebowski

I am writing to apply for the IT Project Manager position at Systems+, as advertised on I am confident that my 3 years of solid experience and diverse capabilities in project management make me an ideal candidate to successfully fulfill this position.

During my time working as a Junior IT Project Manager at XConnect, I was the second-in-charge to the Project Manager in leading a medium-sized development team. I was charged with the responsibility of helping oversee a range of critical projects from conception to delivery.

I was commended by my manager for demonstrating strong skills in: proactively managing important and time-sensitive projects; developing innovative solutions to critical problems; balancing stakeholder expectations with those of the company; and working collaboratively with other team members to establish an efficient and effective systems of operation.

In my time at XConnect, I was noted for having achieved the following:

  • Executing a number of highly profitable projects with budgets over $200,000
  • Working with my team to manage the accounts of prestigious international brands and clients
  • Strong understanding of statistics, quality improvement techniques, FMEA and RCA
  • Successfully contributing to Q & A testing, product SOW, integration and user documentations.

Furthermore, I have strong academic background to ground my work. After completing my Bachelor of Information Technology Management at the University of Minnesota, I went on to score in the top 2% in my Master of Information Systems at the University of Maryland. I plan to draw on these methodologies at Systems+ to effectively complete project scheduling, issue tracking and resource management tasks.

I believe that the above qualities and experiences would make me a valuable addition to your company. If there is any more information you would like me to provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sylvia Swanson

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2. Product Manager Cover Letter Sample

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Product Manager Cover Letter

Product Manager Cover Letter (Text Format)

Oct. 30, 2015
Hiring Manager’s Name

341 Company Address
Palo Alto, California, 94301

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to apply for the Product Manager position at Central Bay Software. I have more than 8 years of experience working as a Product Manager for technology companies similar to yours where I have accumulated an extensive skill set. My professional expertise aligns perfectly with the goals of this position in your respected company.

My duties at CityTech include balancing an ever-changing product line while seeking to coordinate and connect the appropriate teams in order for product development to run as smoothly as possible. Central Bay Software would benefit from my skills in the following areas:

  • Driving the determined solution cross the necessary development teams with good communication and leadership
  • Understanding market requirements for current and futue products
  • Analyzing potential partner relationships for the product

Having studied your job description, I am aware that Mallard’s Technology is looking for a Front Desk operator that can handle more than the occasional visitor and phone call. Given the wide range of my responsibilities at my previous job, I believe I have the requisite skills and abilities to handle any tasks that you require.

Given the chance, I would be a valuable asset for the next line of products being launched over the coming year. It would be a privilege to discuss your Product Manager position in more detail. I would be happy to come by whenever it is most convenient for you. Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Your Name

An engaging cover letter can help you catch the attention of an employer, which can lead to landing an interview for a job. In order to create a document that really works for you, you need to know what content and format to use. Check out our product manager cover letter example and the do and don’t tips as you get ready to build your letter.

  • Do avoid using cliché phrases such as “team player.” Instead, talk about your passion for design software or your history of collaborating with other members of the team to complete projects to make your letter stand out.
  • Don’t be afraid to brag. If you really want to get a job, you need to be able to sell yourself. Sometimes it helps to think of your accomplishments from a coworker’s point of view.
  • Do start with a template if you need a little help. Creating the perfect format can take some trial and error, so a professional-looking template can save you time.
  • Don’t create something that is too formal. While formality can make you seem professional, it can also make you seem hard to approach. Instead, discuss your product manager experience with a little more personality.

Product Manager Advice

Becoming a product manager requires leadership skills, product knowledge, and a memorable and unique cover letter that showcases your expertise and passion for the job. The cover letter examples below are intended to help you create and organize your product manager cover letter. With these cover letter examples as a starting point, you’ll be able to develop a cover letter that hits all the key points employers expect. Take the next step toward your next great product manager job today.

Cover Letter Tips for Product Manager

Whether you’re hoping to find work withas a Product Manager, in the surrounding area or anywhere else in the United States, you will need a solid plan of action to help you stay on track and reach your goal. Consider the following ideas when creating your own plan.

1. Get help if you need it. Signing up for unemployment will help ease the financial stress while you look for work. Your local government office may also be able to help you with job leads, cover letter writing and interview tactics.

2. Update your cover letter and ensure it’s written well. Include updated contact information, certifications or licenses and employment history.

3. Consider switching jobs. You could find new jobs within the same industry or find a brand new industry that would benefit from your skills. This is especially beneficial if your current job prospects are few and far between.

4. Go to job fairs and other networking events. Wear professional attire, be friendly and if you can, take a business card along with you. Don’t feel you need to attend only events that are specific to your industry, either.

5. Follow up on your leads, whether that includes calling someone you met at a networking event or calling to check on the status of an application. If you have an interview, be sure to call the interviewer the next day to thank him or her, which shows you’re serious about the position.

Product Manager Job Seeking Tips

Your cover letter is one of the most important aspects of your job search. Use these guidelines to ensure yours is as professional as possible as you search for jobs as a Product Manager.

1. Don’t include irrelevant information. Unless it’s the only experience you have, omit jobs that don’t relate to your current industry. You can also leave off high school information if you’ve already graduated from college.

2. Do include between five and eight bullet points to describe your job duties and responsibilities with every one you list. For the best results, keep each one to a line or less.

3. Don’t use the words “duties and responsibilities,” though. Instead, use strong action words. “Improved,” “collaborated,” “maintained” and “created” are all good examples.

4. Do use the term “experience” instead of “employment” or “job history” as a header. This allows you to include non-paying jobs such as volunteering, internships or apprenticeships.

5. Don’t include too much contact information. The new trend is to be concise. Use your city and state, one phone number, one email address and, if applicable, one website.

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