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1 Student Name: Sonja Boyd Student Number:47744561 Course Code: PST 210G Semester 2:552115 ( unique code) Assignment 2: Music Due Date: 03 September 2015 DECLARATION Name: Sonja Boyd…………………………………………… Student number: …47744561………………………… Module code: …TEX2601………… Assignment number: 02…… I declare that this assignment is my own, original work. Where I have used source material, it is acknowledged in accordance with departmental requirements. I understand what plagiarism is and I am aware of the departmental policy on it. Signature: s. Boyd………………… Date: ……31/08/15…………..………… CHECK LIST Please tick the appropriate box (√). YES NO 1 I acknowledged all source material (study guide, tutorial letter, internet, other sources) used in my assignment.x 2 Irrespective of whether I participated in a study group or not, the wording of theassignment is my own. x 3 I indicated all sources used in my assignment by placing the quote in inverted commas and/or by providing the reference according to the Harvard method. x 4 At the end of my assignment, there is a bibliography reflecting all the consulted sources. x

PST210G/101 3 1 INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME Dear Student It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of South Africa and a special sincere word of welcome specifically to the course PST210G! I trust that this course in Arts and Culture will be a pleasant and informative experience. This course is unique because it will give you a basic knowledge of the arts and culture area which is essential for you as prospective school teachers. I have designed this module to inspire and equip you to meet the challenges you will face in the unique Arts classroom. The Arts (art, drama and music) represent an outlet of expression, that is usually influenced by culture and which in turn helps to change culture. As such, the arts are a physical manifestation of the internal creative impulse a nd are important because it is the outward creative expression of what goes on in a person's soul (emotions, intelligence and senses). The Arts are also closely linked to culture and therefore makes an important contribution to society. It is generally accepted that originality, sensitivity, fluency and flexibility are important aspects of creative thinking and production of art. As art educators or future art educators, we need to develop these very aspects in our learners. As Herberholtz (1974:7) so eloquently states: “ If a child’s life is devoid of the knowledge of art and its value as an important human endeavour, he is culturally handicapped. If art is to be elevated to its rightful place in the educational program the learner will get to know art as the communicator of mankind’s visions and aspirations.” Teachers in charge of structuring and facilitating the child's artistic encounters will be the richer for it if they are able to glimpse the world again through the eyes of a child and relish with him or her the intellectual, emotional and aesthetic involvement of finding out what he or she and the world are all about. The challenge in this ongoing process is to stay "young in art" and to become more self-aware, fulfilled and renewed through this process; helping our children to develop their creativity as an expression of their souls. In this Tutorial Letter 101 I shall attempt to give you an overview of the semester's academic activities, assessment criteria, instructions on the preparation and submission of the assignments as well as examination guidelines, resources and assignments for this module.

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