Visa Application Cover Letter Australia

Thank you so much for your lovely people, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I am very new to this whole visa stuff and have spent hours or days to go over the web looking for answers. Without this forum and you willing to help people I am sure our answer searchers wouldn't know what to do.

To answer your question Syd, the reason that we haven't yet put in the 309 is because I don't have the time/skill to prepare one which needs to explain a lot of missing parts the 309 requires and I don't want to rush into put in one and waste the $5k application fee. The 309 is toooo hard to prepare when you have to fill the gap and I will scratch my head into bleeding but still can't write a convincing story before the case officer. This is the reason why we are applying the 600 now to get my wife here so that we have the required evidence (meet friends, joint bank accounts, joint bills etc.).

jamesmrichardson, thank you so much for sharing your experience and story! So far with the 600, I have a pile of documents which could easily weight over 2kg and my Letter of Support is 5 pages long!!! We poor visa seekers!!

I will certainly help my wife to write a detailed cover letter to support her 600 application.

Once again, thank you soon much for your help. I really appreciate it!

Best regs,

Cover Letter and Invitation Letter for tourist visa to Australia

Hi Guys,

I need help on drafting a cover letter for applying tourist visa to australia.

I want to invite my mother to australia and the agent requires a cover letter from my mother.

I am not sure what should the content of the cover letter be.

I have noted the following points that i wanted to include in the letter

To Australian High Commission
New Delhi
Sub: Application for tourist visa
I, xyz holding passport no. 123 would like to meet me my daughter for 4 weeks beginning 20th December 2013
All accommodation and my expenses will be borne by her.
Request you to issue a visa for as earliest period


However, I wanted to add to this letter that my husband is not travelling with me and I have a house that I have to return and have no intentions of staying any longer than 4 weeks.

Is this necessary to mention? and if so, can someone please help me put in exact words or provide a template that I can use.


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