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A Frightening Experience

Dark swallowed everywhere. As I came out from my room. There was luxuriant in my garden. I am feeling horrible. I was deep in thought that I should go out or not. However I came out from my House. I was feeling enough that I could not move an inch further. I was very brave but that time I was also coward. So I tied my horse and  lay on bushes like I am dead. My mind was making an imaginative face of a ghost. I was feeling that something extraordinary is happening. At once the winds start blowing fast. Ground was damp and wet. My heart was pumping fast and saying to move back. But my mind was saying to move forward and know about this. I start moving forward. I don't know what to do I was now near the end of my garden. This moment was alright but the next moment I saw a ghost. I was blinking again and again. But that was true and I tried to cry. But  the voice was not coming out of my throat. That was a woman of white clothes. She was very horrible.  I thought to go back but now I am very far. So I hide in bushes. But no one can hide from ghosts they can reach anywhere at anytime. She find me easily and caught me from her one hand and punched. I asked from her, who are you and what do you want? I will give you. She replied I wanted to kill you. As I heard her these words I become unconscious. Next day I woke up in my room. There was spots on my throat. Like nails of someone.  My mother said me last night you were in garden and you were with blood. How it happened that, many things happened but I don't know anything.

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The most frightening day of my life.

Last year I spent my summer holidays in the popular resort of Entre Rios. The hotel was comfortable and beautiful. The people were very friendly and talkative. In fact, I was having a marvellous holiday until the storm.
It was Saturday evening and everybody was relaxing by the swimming pool of the hotel. Some of us were listening to music, some of us were reading books, and others were playing in the water. Everything was calm and tranquil, but then all of a sudden, we heard an explosion! There was a terrible hush, and then a whisper of panic went around the place. An employee tried to appeal for calm, but he was drowned out by the sound of the swimming pool being struck by lightning. A strong wind blew, and suddenly all the things around us were in the air. I could hear people crying and shouting as we all saw trees, cars and bicycles flying through the sky. Then, against all odds, the strong wind stopped and rain began to fall. One of the men at the swimming pool announced that the situation was under control. I was very frightened. I suppose it only lasted a few minutes, but to me, it seemed like a lifetime.
Two years have passed since then, and to be honest, I don’t think I will ever be able to go to that place again. It was the most frightening experience of my life.


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