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Portland Press is delighted to announce the publication of a new themed issue of our journal Essays in Biochemistry together with Guest Editors Professor Paul Workman, FRS, FMedSci, and Dr Rob Van Montfort, both from the Institute of Cancer Research in London. 

Bringing together insights from leading academics as well as key opinion leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, "Structure-Based Drug Design: Insights from academia and industry" includes 10 short reviews offering up-to-date, self-contained summaries of the topic as well as an introduction to the field from Paul and Rob.

The combination of 'omics' based research, bioinformatics and advances in crystallography since the beginning of the the 21st century have yielded many new targets and opportunities for drug discovery. Structure-based drug design (SBDD) is the process of designing and optimization of a chemical structure with a specific molecular target in mind, and the goal of identifying a drug candidate. The method is based on having a deep understanding of 3D structure, shape and charge, as well as how potential drugs interact with their biological target to elicit a clinical effect.

Access to this issue of the journal is available FREE until the 31st December 2017 thanks to Astex Pharmaceuticals, and topics include:

  • Christopher Abell, FRS FMedSci (University of Cambridge) summarising the use of mass spectrometry to screen fragments
  • Rod Hubbard's (University of York) review of the SBDD of cyclin-dependent protein kinase inhibitors
  • David Barford's (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology) discussion of the latest developments in cryo-EM
  • Alessio Cuilli's (University of Dundee) exploration of the molecular recognition of ternary complexes
  • Tom Heightman and Harren Jhoti (both from Astex Pharmaceuticals), explore targeted protein degradation and fragment based drug discovery respectively
  • Greg Siegal (ZoBio) describes the use of NMR in SBDD
  • Chas Bountra (CSO, Structural Genomics Consortium), discusses redefining the role of 3D structures by coupling genomic stratification with fragment-based discovery.

Paul has successfully built a series of multidisciplinary drug discovery and development teams in the academic, big pharma and biotechnology company sectors, and he has been able to combine the best elements of each of these environments. He has been responsible for the discovery of a number of drug development candidates, including in particular pathfinding inhibitors of the HSP90 molecular chaperone and the PI3 kinase family of signalling enzymes.

Rob leads the Hit Discovery and Structural Design Team within the Cancer Research UK Cancer Therapeutics Unit at the ICR, and he studies target-directed cancer drug discovery, focusing on protein-ligand interactions, using protein crystallography and a range of biochemical and biophysical methods.

Essays in Biochemistry offers reviews from experts in the field highlighting recent hot topics in biochemistry, written to be accessible for those not yet immersed in the subject. Whether you are continuing your studies or moving into a new research area, the journal gives a complete picture in one place.

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VolumeTitleNew ISBNEdited byFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
41Biochemical Adaptation9780904498011 -HardbackJune 197645.0033.75
42Biochemistry Cell Nucleus9780904498035 -HardbackJune 197745.0033.75
43Substrate Mobilization and Energy Provision in Man9780904498073-HardbackJune 197845.0033.75
44Biochemistry of Genetic Engineering9780904498080 -HardbackJune 197945.0033.75
45Lymphocyte Cell Surface9780904498103-HardbackJune 198045.0033.75
46Mobility & Migration of Biological Molecules9780904498134-HardbackJune 198145.0033.75
47Messenger RNA and Ribosomes9780904498141-HardbackJune 198245.0033.75
48Biotechnology9780904498158 -HardbackJune 198345.0033.75
50Molecular Basis Movement Membrane9780904498172 -HardbackJune 198545.0033.75
52Molecular Neurobiology9780904498196-HardbackJune 198645.0033.75
53Molecular Pathology9780904498202-HardbackJune 198745.0033.75
55Gene Expression 9780904498240 J Kay, RJ Mayer and FJ BallardHardbackJun 198965.0048.75
56G-Proteins and Signal Transduction9781855780019G Milligan, MJO Wakelam and J KayHardbackJune 199065.0048.75
57Protein Structure, Prediction and Design9781855780026 J Kay, GG Lunt and G OsguthorpeHardbackFeb 199165.0048.75
59Neurochemistry of Drug Dependence9781855780347S Wonnacott and GG LuntHardbackJan 199420.0015.00
60Molecular Botany: Signals and the Environment9781855780507SP Jackson, KE Chapman, D Wilkinson and GG LuntHardbackDec 199420.0015.00
62Extracellular Regulators in Differentiation and Development9781855780705 S Rudland, D Fernig and S LeinsterHardbackJul 199620.0015.00
63Mammary Development and Cancer9781855780873CP Downes, CR Wolf and DP Lane HardbackNov 199720.0015.00
64Cellular Responses to Stress9781855781238JM Lackie, GA Dunn, and GE JonesHardbackJan 1999 20.0015.00
65Cell Behaviour: Control and Mechanism of Motility   9781855781245 G C Brown, D Nicholls and C CooperHardbackJan 199920.0015.00
66Mitochondria and Cell Death9781855781252C'O Neill and B AndertonHardbackSept 199920.0015.00
67Neuronal Signal Transduction and Alzheimer's Disease9781855781337A Berry and S Radford HardbackFeb 200120.0015.00
68From Protein Folding to New Enzymes9781855781436 Jeremy Saklatvala, Hideaki Nagase and Guy SalvesenHardbackJul 200120.0015.00
69Glycogenomics: The Impact of Genomics and Informatics in Glycobiology9781855781542K Drickamer and A DellHardbackOct 200220.0015.00
70Proteases and the Regulation of Biological Processes   9781855781559Chris Cooper (Essex, UK) Mike Wilson (Essex, UK) and Victor Darley-Usmar (Birmingham, AL, USA)HardbackSept 200320.0015.00
71Free Radicals: Enzymology, Signalling and Disease9781855781610Jeff McIlhinney (Oxford, UK) and Nigel Hooper (Leeds, UK)HardbackMar 200420.0015.00
72Lipids, Rafts and Traffic9781855781627Roberts, R Weinzierl and R White HardbackJan 200520.0015.00
73Transcription   9781855781634 M Wakelam, Birmingham, UKHardbackJan 200620.0015.00
74The Cell Biology of Inositol Lipids and Phosphates  9781855781665David Garrod HardbackJan 200767.0050.25
75Structure and Function in Cell Adhesion9781855781726-HardbackSept 200867.0050.25
77Organic Biogenisis and Positioning in Plants 9781855781825J.M. East and F. MichelangeliHardbackAug 201070.0052.50
78Recent Advances in Membrane Biochemistry9781855781832 David Leys, Andrew Munro, Emma Raven and Martin WarrenHardbackSept 201170.0052.50
79Frontiers in Biological Catalysis9781855781870 HardbackSept 201270.0052.50
80Epigenetic Mechanisms in Development and Disease9781855781887-HardbackSept 201375.0055.00

Biochemical Determinants of Tissue Regeneration

9781855781962-HardbackSept 201475.00












































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VolumeTitleNew ISBNEdited byFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
25Essays in Biochemistry9780121581251F Balkwill and M Rolph, with V Darley-UsmarPaperbackDec 199018.0013.50
26Essays in Biochemistry9781855780071K F TiptonPaperbackAug 199118.0013.50
27Essays in Biochemistry9781855780156K F TiptonPaperbackOct 199218.0013.50
28Essays in Biochemistry9781855780163K F TiptonPaperbackApr 199418.0013.50
29Essays in Biochemistry9781855780170D Apps and KF TiptonPaperbackMay 199518.0013.50
30Essays in Biochemistry9781855780187D Apps and KF TiptonPaperbackDec 199518.0013.50
31Essays in Biochemistry9781855780194D AppsPaperbackDec 199618.0013.50
32Cell Signalling9781855780712D BowlesPaperbackDec 199721.9516.46
33Molecular Biology of the Brain9781855780866SJ HigginsPaperbackDec 199819.0014.25
34Metalloproteins9781855781061 D BallouPaperbackNov 199919.0014.25
35Molecular Motors9781855781030 SJ Higgins and G BantingPaperbackApr 200019.0014.25
36Molecular Trafficking9781855781313P BernsteinPaperbackDec 200019.0014.25
37Regulation of Gene Expression9781855781382KE Chapman and SJ Higgins (University of Edinburgh, UK, University of Leeds, UK)PaperbackMay 200119.0014.25
38Proteases in Biology and Medicine  9781855781474 NM Hooper (University of Leeds, UK)PaperbackOct 200219.0014.25
39Programmed Cell Death 9781855781481 T CotterPaperbackOct 200319.0014.25
40The Nuclear Receptor Superfamily9781855781504 Iain McEwan PaperbackJun 200419.0014.25
41The Ubiquitin-Proteasome System9781855781535Mayer and R LayfieldPaperbackOct 200521.9516.46
42The Biochemical Basis of the Health Effects of Exercise 9781855781597 A WagenmakersPaperbackNov 200621.9516.46
43Oxygen Sensing and Hypoxia-Induced Responses9781855781603C Peers, Leeds, UK HardbackAug 200721.9516.46
46The Polyamines: Small Molecules in the Omics Era9781855781757Heather M. WallacePaperbackOct 200921.9516.46
47Mitochondrial Function9781855781788 Guy C. Brown and Michael P. MurphyPaperbackJun 201021.9516.46
48Epigenetics, Disease and Behaviour9781855781795Hans J. Lipps, Jan Postberg and Dean A. JacksonPaperbackSep 201021.9516.46
49Chronobiology9781855781801Hugh D. Piggins and Clare GuildingPaperbackJul 201121.9516.46
50ABC Transporters9781855781818Frances J. SharomPaperbackSep 201121.9516.46
51Molecular Parasitology9781855781849 Roberto DocampoPaperbackOct 201121.9516.46
52Lysine-Based Post-Translational Modification of Proteins9781855781856Iain ScottPaperbackMay 201221.9516.46
53Cell Polarity and Cancer 9781855781894 Andrew D. Chalmers and Paul WhitleyPaperbackAug 201221.9516.46
54The role of non-coding RNAs in biology9781855781900Mark A. Lindsay and Sam Griffiths-JonesPaperbackApr 201321.9516.46
55Autophagy: Molecules and Mechanisms9781855781917Jon D. LanePaperbackSept 201321.9516.46
56Amyloids in Health and Disease9781855781924Sarah PerrettPaperbackAug 201421.9516.46
57Membrane Nanodomains9781482209891Ingela ParmrydPaperbackFeb 201521.9516.46
58Plant Hormone Signalling9781855781979Thomas Guilfoyle and Gretchen HagenPaperbackSept 201521.9516.46
59Understanding Biochemistry: Enzymes and Membranes9781855781986Peter Robinson and Helen WatsonPaperbackNov 201521.9516.46
60 (1)Biosensor Technologies for Detection of Biomolecules9781855781993Pedro EstrelaPaperbackJul 201621.9516.46




































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TitleNew ISBNEdited byFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)

Member's Price (£)

Frontiers in Metabolism/Neurobiology9781855780446AJ TurnerPaperbackAug 199465.0048.75
Nerve Growth and Guidance9781855780859CD McCaigHardbackMay 199665.0048.75

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TitleNew ISBNEdited byPaperbackFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
Landmarks in Gene Regulation9781855781092 D LatchmanPaperbackJul 199720.0015.00
Postgraduate Study in the Biological Sciences9781855780095RJ BeynonPaperbackMay 199312.009.00
Genes & Proteins in Immunity9780904498189 -HardbackJun 198645.0033.75
Bacteria - Cytokine Interactions in Health and Disease9781855781146B Henderson, M Wilson and S Poole HardbackJun 199875.0056.25
Basic Chemistry for Biological Sciences - Folder Only9781855781054C WynnPaperbackNov 19962.501.88
Basic Chemistry for Biological Sciences - Loose-Leafs Only9781855781153C WynnPaperbackApr 199610.007.50
Chemistry for the Biological Sciences9781855789982-PaperbackDec 199612.009.00
Compendium of Biochemical Nomenclature and Related Documents9781855780057C LiébecqPaperbackOct 199218.0013.50
Early Days in Biochemistry9789999997775-PaperbackMay 19922.501.88
Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics (3rd Edition)9781855781580Cornish BowdenPaperbackJan 200425.0018.75
History of the Biochemical Society9780904498219-HardbackJun 19874.003.00
Landmarks in Intracellular Signalling9781855781016RD Burgoyne and OH PetersonPaperbackSep 199720.0015.00
Life Chemistry and Molecular Biology9781855780644EJ Wood, CA Smith and WR PickeringPaperbackNov 199716.0012.00
Microscopy and Histology for Molecular Biologists: A Users Guide9781855781412Kiernan and I MasonHardbackJul 2002110.0082.50
Microscopy and Histology for Molecular Biologists: A Users Guide9781855781566Kiernan and I MasonPaperbackJul 200349.9537.46
Plant Membranes - Structure, Assembly and Function9780904498233JL Harwood and TJ WaltonHardbackJun 198845.0033.75
Quality Assessment for Higher Education in Europe9781855781719 Alessandro Cavalli, Pavia, Italy PaperbackSep 200737.5028.13
Techniques in Apoptosis9781855781290TG Cotter and SJ Martin (University College, Cork, Ireland and La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, USA )PaperbackSep 199739.5029.63
Women Physiologists9781855780491L Bindman, A Brading and T TanseyPaperbackJul 199712.009.00
Writing a Scientific Paper9789191919995-PaperbackDec 19921.000.75

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TitleNEW ISBNFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
Biochemical Journal REVIEWS 19989781855781405HardbackSep 199936.5027.38
BJ Darwin Reviews: Evolution and Biochemistry9781855781740 PaperbackMar 200925.0018.75

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TitleNEW ISBNEdited byFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
Brainbox9781855780965S Rose with A LichtenfelsPaperbackOct 19976.995.24
Light Up Your Life9781855780903 D PhillipsPaperbackMar 19976.995.24
Poo You and the Potoroo's Loo9781855780958D Bellamy PaperbackOct 19976.995.24
Satellite Fever9781855780910M PainterPaperbackMar 19976.995.24
SuperCell9781855780934F BalkwillPaperbackAug 20026.995.24
Teachers Notes PSE Key Stages 3/49781855781306 -PaperbackMar 19986.995.24

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TitleNew ISBNEdited byFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
Channelling in Intermediary Metabolism9781855780750 L Agius and HSA SherrattHardbackNov 199685.0063.75
Eicosanoids and Related Compounds in Plants and Animals9781855781085AF Rowley, H Kühn and T SchewePaperbackOct 199865.0048.75
Nitric Oxide and the Peripheral Nervous System9781855781399N Toda, S Moncada, R Furchgott and EA HiggsHardbackJun 200085.0063.75
Oxidative Stress, Lipoproteins and Cardiovascular Dysfunction9781855780453CA Rice-Evans and KR BruckdorferPaperbackAug 199560.0045.00
Plant Cell Division9781855780897D Francis, D Dudits and D InzeHardbackNov 199775.0056.25
Protein Targeting and Translocation9781855781214DA PhoenixHardbackOct 199870.0052.50
Pulmonary Vascular Remodelling9781855780415JE Bishop, GL Laurent and J ReevesHardbackMay 199580.0060.00
Structural and Dynamic Properties of Lipids and Membranes9781855780149 PJ Quinn and RJ CherryHardbackDec 199250.0037.50
The Annexins9781855780088SE MossHardbackDec 201150.0037.50

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TitleNew ISBNEdited byFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
Animal Experimentation and the Future Medical Research9781855780385J BottingPaperbackDec199220.0015.00
Biochemical Society Centenary: The Last 25 Years9781855781863-PaperbackDec 201120.0015.00
Endothelin-7 9781855781573A J Turner and D J WebbPaperbackAug 200245.0033.75
Engineering Crop Plants for Industrial End Uses9781855781139F Moroni, F Nicoletti, and DE Pellegrini-GiampietroHardbackOct 199875.0056.25
Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors and Brain Function9781855781177 S Moncada, EA Higgs and G NisticòHardbackMar 199875.0056.25
Nitric Oxide : Brain and Immune System9781855780460 S Moncada, EA Higgs and G NisticòPaperbackDec 199378.0058.50
Nitric Oxide and the Cell: Proliferation, Differentiation and Death9781855781207G Grimble and C BackwellHardbackSept 199880.0060.00
Peptides in Mammalian Protein Metabolism9781855781047 JL Harwood and PJ QuinnHardbackJan199855.0041.25
Recent Advances in Biochemistry of Plant Lipids9781855781467AR CossinsHardbackFeb 200175.0056.25
Temperature Adaptation of Biological Membranes9781855780620S Moncada, M A Marletta, J B Hibbs Jr. and E A HiggsHardbackAug 199465.0048.75
The Biology of Nitric Oxide Part 19781855780125S Moncada, M A Marletta, J B Hibbs Jr. and E A HiggsHardbackOct 199287.5065.63
The Biology of Nitric Oxide Part 29781855780132S Moncada, M Feelisch, R Busse and EA HiggsHardbackDec 199257.5043.13
The Biology of Nitric Oxide Part 39781855780637S Moncada, M Feelisch, R Busse and EA HiggsHardbackJan 1995132.0099.00
The Biology of Nitric Oxide Part 49781855780682S Moncada, M Feelisch, R Busse and EA HiggsHardbackFeb 1995112.0084.00
The Biology of Nitric Oxide Part 59781855781023S Moncada, M Feelisch, R Busse and EA HiggsHardbackJan 1998100.0075.00
The Biology of Nitric Oxide Part 69781855781276S Moncada, M Feelisch, R Busse and EA HiggsHardbackApr 1998110.0082.50
The Biology of Nitric Oxide Part 79781855781429S Moncada, M Feelisch, R Busse and EA HiggsHardbackMay 2000110.0082.50

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TitleNew ISBNEdited byFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
Biological Specimen Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy9781855780613Audrey M Glauert and Peter R LewisHardbackNov 1998110.0082.50
Biological Specimen Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy9781855780606Audrey M Glauert and Peter R LewisPaperbackDec 199839.5029.63
Vacuum Methods in Electron Microscopy9781855780538W C Bigelow (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)HardbackMay 1994110.0082.50
X-Ray Microanalysis for Biologists9781855780545A Warley PaperbackJuly 199739.5029.63

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VolumeTitleNew ISBNEdited byFormatDate PublishedPrice (£)Member's Price (£)
71Connective Tissue Biology. Integration and Reductionism9781855781221I ButterworthHardbackMay 199875.0056.25
72Chemical Biology & Medical Application Hyaluronan9781855781184R Reed and K RubinHardbackJan 199875.0056.25
73The Impact of Electronic Publishing on the Academic Community9781855781191TC LaurentHardbackApr 199875.0056.25
74Renin-Angiotensin9781855781283M Aurell and H UlfendahlHardbackApr 199875.0056.25
75Lifelong Learning Policy and Research9781855781344A Tuijnman and T SchullerHardbackDec 199975.0056.25
76Regulatory Processes in Development9781855781368K-O Jacobson and L OlssonHardbackSep 200075.0056.25
77Plant Systematics for the 21st Century9781855781351B Nordenstam, G El-Ghazaly and M KassasHardbackSep 200075.0056.25
78Advances in Strabismus Research: Basic and Clinical Aspects9781855781443G Lennerstrand and J YggeHardbackNov 200075.0056.25
79Virtual University? Educational Environments of the Future9781855781450HJ Van der MolenHardbackApr 200175.0056.25
80Symmetry 20009781855781498I Hargittai and T Laurent (University of Budapest, Hungary and University of Uppsala, Sweden )HardbackJan 2002110.0082.50
81Prostasomes9781855781511G Ronquist and BO NilssonHardbackJun 200275.0056.25
82Excellence in Higher Education9781855781528Erik de CorteHardbackMay 200375.0056.25
83The Formative Years of Scholars9781855781641U Teichler (Kassel, Germany)HardbackNov 200650.0037.50
84The University in the Market   9781855781689Lars Engwall and Denis WeaireHardbackAug 200850.0037.50
85From Information to Knowledge; from Knowledge to Wisdom9781855781771Erik De Corte (University of Leuven, Belgium) and Jens Erik Fenstad (University of Oslo, Norway)HardbackJun 201050.0037.50
86Trust in Universities   9781855781948Lars Engwall (Uppsala University, Sweden) and Peter Scott (University of London, UK)HardbackApr 201350.0037.50
-Dermatan Sulphate Proteoglycans - Chemistry, Biology, Chemical Pathology9781855780514 JE ScottHardbackNov 199375.0056.25

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