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Restalk is introducing a first of its kind product to the marijuana market – tree-free paper made from marijuana stalks!

Pioneers of cannabis recycling, Restalk, are using the organic waste left over by the cannabis industry into tree-free paper. This is revolutionary for the cannabis industry, as until now there has not been any real consideration into the wide range of uses of the byproducts of growing marijuana. Restalk has been engineering this recycled paper for two years now, and their products could be on the market soon.

The product line will begin with paper and packaging products, but they are looking to expand. Cannabis waste recycling products are about to become an entirely new part of the market, adding to the integrity of the industry as well as its sustainability.

Tackling environmental practices before the next stage

Restalk’s Chairman of the Board, Kyle Tracey said in a release, “As the marijuana industry is predicted to generate $35 billion by 2020, it is imperative to implement beneficial environmental practices before this sector enters its next phase.” This is just another example of the conscious steps of the cannabis industry, during a time where too many industries have pushed environmental boundaries until it’s become far too late.

Until now, all of the bio-waste produced by the cannabis industry (mostly stalks) are being dealt with through outdoor burning, incineration, composting or landfills. Kyle Tracey says that all of these methods will leave a carbon footprint over time, and it’s important to address this issue quickly. As a result, Restalk has engineered a paper that is made out of the stalks of the marijuana plant, with a small portion allocated to their own processed source material.

Backing sustainable growers

Restalk is using this an opportunity to offer legal marijuana cultivators in the country a sustainable recycling solution. They are also offering the incentive to farmers of a royalty that is in proportion to their contribution. So Restalk is really proposing something to the industry where everybody wins, including the environment.

Emerald Family Farms, a group of growers located in the Emerald Triangle are one of the communities that will be working with Restalk. They are expressing their excitement over being able to be more sustainable than they imagined they could be. Restalk is offering economic and environmental sustainability. “Consumers who support Restalk products are fully backing sustainable growers everywhere,” said Patrick Murphy, founder of Emerald Family Farms.

New ideas in the marijuana industry

Until now, it was hemp that was considered to be the plant that we used to make industrial products. Marijuana has generally been used for medicinal cannabinoids and its psychoactive properties. What Restalk is suggesting is that we can also use the parts of the plant low in the psychoactive compound, THC, to make industrial products.

Although their range will begin with paper and packing products aimed at consumers, they are looking to expand their range later in the year. “Our paper prototype is a great start, but we are really just scratching the surface. There is a real viability for our material to be integrated across several sectors, whether it be in the form of composites, bio-plastics, textiles, or even 3D printing. There are many practical and cutting edge applications,” said Lucas Hildebrand, co-founder of Restalk.

They are expecting to begin production soon, and aiming to have products on sale by Summer this year. Restalk is hoping to be creating more innovative, eco-friendly, recycled products by the second half of the year.

What do you think about Restalk’s innovative recycling move? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments section below.

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