World Without Internet Essay

Life without internet and with internet is possible only when we plant more trees and reduce the pollution. In today’s modern living standard, it’s a topic of discussion that is life possible without internet? Internet expert call that internet is evolution element behind life. Life experts say it is increasing stress and speed of life. Educators are analysing internet based  on advantages and disadvantages in student’s life. Internet is a part of life for professionals differently; where online business communities say it’s very important for the economic development, Politicians say Internet is a solution to remove corruption & Career consultants say there are so many job opportunities on the internet for college graduates.

I am saying that it depends on how much you know about the ‘Internet and Life’. I am saying that internet is important to become successful in life. But what other people oppositely say about life and internet is also correct. So, we need to analyse what is the importance of internet in our life. What are the various positive uses of Internet? Also how internet could be very dangerous in certain situation in life such as cyber-crime, privacy and security, or when used wrongly to win election? When we understand the life and internet practically then 90% people agree that it’s really helpful to live happy and prosperous life. But benefits are possible when we know the uses of internet in our daily life. So, we are agreeing that life is great with internet. But let’s look on the life without internet.

I can say living is possible without internet. If we know that what are the purposes of life and what is important to live. The purpose of life is to live. The world is a village after internet, it is proved. In which, some people understand that development is important for life. Yes, it can be! Where others don’t agree the way we’re developing. For example, tell me, what is development? More hospital in the country is development or healthier citizen in the country is development? Invention of cash economy (money) is  development or everyone can live happily in their life is development? Rich and poor, black & white, casteism and communlism is development or we all can live together safely and happily is development?. Industrialisation is development or planting new trees is important etc. Such questions are really best for debate you can see often in the speeches of politicians around elections. Expert can say its human behaviour. Every human think differently. It’s a way how you look on this. Some says it’s to maintained balance.

Yes, afocoz! Internet & life expert views and the history remind us that everything happens for good. But the lesson that we’re learned from history about life and internet is that the development is important in life. Change is important to move forward towards the end. But this is possible if we know the importance of education in life and especially the value education in schools and colleges.

Today we want everything fast in life similar on Google search results. We want quick technical support and we can’t wait especially when we are paying hard earned money. But why we’re getting late, it’s a question. But yeah! Everything is important for life similar internet technologies. If internet stopped for next 24 hours around the world then what will happen? It’s very scary to imagine. We can’t live without water, plants, animals, earth, and other living elements. But we can live without internet.  God is more intelligent than us. God is not Artificial Intelligence.  But all we need to understand about artificial intelligence and its good uses. On same time we need to save our planet.

Tum Internet Ho, Koi Mazboori to Nahi,

Mein Jo Search Karun, Muzhe Mil Jaaye, Ye Jaroori To Nahi,

Ye Kaya Kum Hai, Ki Tum Base Ho Mere Mobile or Computer Mein,

Mein Tumhe Istemaal Karun, Yaa Harpal dekhun Ye Jaroori To Nahi!!

Let’s understand the life without internet in a story. A great composed story written by our gust author Miss Deepika Thakur:

Internet is a good thing that made life easier. While other finds internet is responsible to make people much dependent and lazy. We can’t ignore that there are positive and negative impact of internet on society. But everyone has his own vision and views.  Following story of life and internet may help you to figure out the can life is possible without internet, have a glance:

“Haha! I’m very happy today…I realise that I’m the only king of this whole world…the KING…me ‘Internet’..”, Internet was proudly speaking to his girlfriend ‘Life’.

He was making her feel demoralised and discouraged. Life, who was sitting on a chair, stared him, put the phone back on the table & stopped playing Angry bird.

“So, you think you are the king of world!! Hmm?” She repeated his words. ”But what is your existence without me? Remember you are made by a Human having ‘me’ in Him & youuu….”

“Shhhshh…”Internet stopped her in between…”Listen, my dear”, he said putting both arms on her shoulder & making an intense eye contact..”Ok! I admit that your human made me..but now I ruled him. Your human could not imagine his life without me!” Internet trying to make her confessed while walking slowly.

 “I’m technology, I made the things smooth, easy interesting. See, if you don’t have friends, I’ll give you 1000 of them. If you are shy, I’ll provide an open place for you without any interruption. Without travelling I can take you to the world tour within few seconds.”

“ These are smaller things..see the big ones; online banking, online games, online GK, online Hollywood, Bollywood, everything..haha everything online..Digital!!”

“Do you know I provide you internet banking and digital transactions facilities? I am making your money transactions faster and reduce the cost to print new notes?”

“Yeah! I know you have various kind of payment gateways installed on websites. You can also use OTP to secure transactions. But our data can be compromised and hacked. Do you know cyber crime is increasing because you’re tough to control by humans. Their are various types of hackers in your family.” Life said & now there was a rapid conversation between the two.

“So, You think that I don’t have option. I am bound to use you. If I don’t use you, government will punish me!”

“Oh! But I am artificial Intelligence and I only work according to algorithm.  There are HTTPS requests that directly send to server and you don’t need worry, after seeing the HTTPs in the website, where you can access your debit and credit cards.”

“Do you know I helped you in getting study notes online, online degree programs etc.?”

“Yes, but they are all equal and tough to choose which is best. There are only top 10 search results. It’s very confusing to choose the best. Is it the number 1 is best”.

“I am programmed by human and you know humans value the winners”.

“So, You mean to say, no matter black or white or brown methods people can use to get rank higher”.

“You know Life there are various tutorials, video and blog who helped you in learning basic internet and life skills. Everything is on the internet, why don’t you use me and search for better information. I am not to destroy life and but I am here to make your life successful and prosperously. It depend on you how you treat. The better you treat me the greater is our relationship on this planet”.

“Even my sweetheart, you can pray your God online..”Blinking one eye Internet said .

“But…”Life trying to say, “no-but” Internet ignoring her, said..

“Just admit you exist only because of me ..ohhh, I think you must be aware that India and other countries and along with societies believes me that is why he is in favour of online world. Now everyone is dependent on me & why should they not..I’m offering them whatever they demand within a few seconds. I value their time.”

“Sweetheart, I love you & sometimes when I’m not around you then who connect us’s me your Internet. From any of the corner of the world, I’m always there for you.”

“Ok stop now! Mr. Internet”, Life smiled.

“I’m happy for you, my love, that you are so valuable in your virtual world. I’m happy for your growing success. I respect you & feel proud of you that you made my human’s life easier, smart & fast. You provide everything quickly. Your greatness is beyond of my words. So, Thank you very much for all this! “

“But my dear, feelings emotions, reality, purity, clarity of mind couldn’t be found online.”

“Ok! You provide 1000 friends online but how many of them are trustworthy? Why we are always alerted to beware of virtual friends? Yes, you open up people but this is making them much self-centric. They don’t want to hear other. You are making them so habitual that they are ready to fight others when they don’t get you. They don’ know the neighbour they are living with…which is not good for a healthy society.”

“Yes, you provide everything online; online banking, online everything but a single damage in your system make the things disastrous…Everything connected to you will be crashed & the world will be darkened.”

“Of course your online Bollywood, Hollywood etc. is a great entertaining job, my love…but you know the youngsters are becoming lazy & habitual of you. Some of them want to spend 24*7 time with you which is also affecting their health.”

“Hmm, the cashless digital world can be good, but many of the persons are suffering due to this change. He doesn’t rely you only. For him, me the ‘life’ is important first. You are invented for me…For making me more smart, more fast,  more accurate & in more comfort.”

Yes, change is important for development. It’s hard to change. Like change from job to business. Or change from college to deadlines based jobs. This kind of innovative decision are great if planned properly. 

“Yes,  I also love you dear, when you are away, it’s you who connect me to you..but while chatting with you, if I’ll not take care of me & concentrating on your chat even on the road & suddenly any vehicle will cross over me, then!!! Do you think, you still will exist?

“You know, it happens so many times that people are so much busy with you that they don’t even remember the place where are they!!”

Now there was a silence in the room…

 “How could I even imagine myself without you my life! We are for each other”, Internet whispered, having his head down. Now the proud of his voice had gone. He was trying to hide his eyes from her. Life sat beside him taking his hand in hers.

“ Dear, we both are important. If you say the rose smells sweet then I’m the one who makes people to feel that!”

“ You say rain is beautiful, but without touching it how could anyone know!”

“ You give recipes, smart ideas, motivation, songs, friends everything, but if no one will use it in real then there is no meaning of these things!! Ok! God is also worshipped online these days but can you help that hungry poor who sat outside the temple?”

Now Internet was about to cry! Life feel it & said dramatically,

“ok, you stupid ! Now it’s enough, I ‘m hungry let’s eat something..ok?”

“oh! wait.. why eat? Just show something , my Internet, on your pretty screen…my stomach will be filled..haha..”life naughtily said.

Internet looked at her innocent & sweet face.

“Not me Life, it’s you who is base of the entire universe. I exist because of you . You can survive without me, but I can’t live for a nanosecond without you. I thought people want me, but they only want me,to make you better!”

Thinking this Internet is going with his beloved Life to the café. They seem more lovable now. Life and Internet is made for each other.

I hope you guys have concluded your own vision now. Be the master of internet technology not a slave of it in life.

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Internet after all is not without enemies…
The Internet has become the Archimedean point in our daily life. Almost nothing gets done without it nowadays. The more we rely on it, the more it seems impossible to live without it. It is undoubtedly the most reliable machine Man has ever made. However, could this blind dependence of ours in itself be a threat to mankind? Are we investing too much in this new medium that we are risking to lose too much if we ever were to live without it?

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Why is the Internet so successful? How does it invade all aspects of life? The Internet, as a matter of fact, is the only manmade machine that has an organic structure. The way everything is wired up is unbelievably complex. Seeing that it has this organic structure, it seems to fit the properties of vitalism perfectly, and all aspects of human daily life. It fits the structure of society and how people connect to each other.

Life spreads by networking. The body itself is an information processor. Memory resides not just in brains but in every cell. No wonder genetics bloomed along with information theory. Gleick (2011:07)

Every newly added part, be it a computer or a smartphone for example, fits perfectly within the larger whole of the global network without disrupting the function of the rest of its parts, just like organic living cells. This is because “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (Aristotle 384-22 BC). Besides, the Internet could also be seen as a virtual reduplication of society and reality as a whole. Therefore, it enjoys social compatibility. The Internet is capable of acquiring new intelligences, which is an aspect of the human brain. There is always room for improvement, but if its success is not due to its organic structure, then maybe it is due to the fact that Internet is an efficient tool that circulates, measures, organizes and processes information, boosting human knowledge. Thus, the Internet is unique for its potential to store and easily access human knowledge and above all, its promise for the ideal democracy.

Could this huge machine we call the Internet be something ephemeral in human history? Is it possible that somehow it may not be around in the near future? Most people go about their daily lives as if Internet has always been here and always will be. However, its success and mere presence are not proof of its permanence. It would be unwise to think it will always be around. Actually, we have no guarantee that it will. It is evident that it is so reliable but yet at the same time it is so vulnerable. Its destruction is a legitimate probability although there isn’t much fuss about it.

Thanks to its omnipresence, the Internet has redefined the concept of power. On one hand it has empowered the people; structured them and unified their voices. Power is no longer strictly identified by missiles and bullets, but rather by ideas and people. On the other hand, the Internet has also empowered governments. It has enabled them with new ways of censoring, controlling, and manipulating people. This makes the thousands-years-long strife between governments and citizens even more intense.

…this has obviously empowered individuals in a broad and complex set of ways, but as our lives become more and more dependent on the internet, it has also provided governments with a single point of contact for nearly ubiquitous surveillance. Kevin Drum (2013)

The Internet plays in favor of both parties. This can make the suppressed and overpowered party, be it the citizen or government, target the very same weapon with which the one in power exerts power.  Using Egypt as an example, it is almost unthinkable to picture the Egyptian uprising without social networking. When the government awoke to the danger of the people protesting, they immediately shut down the Internet and cellphone services as a form of resistance on January 28th 2011, OECD (2013:36).

In contrast, a worldwide rage among citizens of some countries is growing over the fact that their governments are trying to sensor the Internet. Consequently, movements and organizations such as Anonymous and Wikileaks have emerged and threatened many governments as well as Internet security. The possibilities are endless to what the masses can do when they are upset, as history has shown.

It would, perhaps, be shocking for citizens of respected democratic states to discover that foreign forces were influencing their lives in small but meaningful ways. It’s a universal issue and one that is highly controversial by its nature and though its sheer audacity. Bilal Khalid (2012)

In the two given examples above, it is shown how governments and citizens alike can constitute a threat to Internet stability. It seems it is the Internet that is primarily targeted whenever one party reacts. This sort of struggle between governments and the people is not ending anytime soon, and it can, and may, have huge repercussion with the presence of the Internet in the near future if things escalated. Now, with that being said, and since globalization is pushing us towards a single one-world government, let us apply this small incident of Egypt on a larger scale. What would happen if all citizens were at odds with the governments over power?

Similarly, what if the Internet granted citizens unconditional freedom that would threaten the firm grasp governments have over their people? Wouldn’t the Internet be susceptible of being the cost of this struggle for control? Wouldn’t it be, and maybe it is, the battlefield that is at the risk of its own destruction? Weapons by nature inherently bear the seeds of their own destruction, and the Internet is being used as a weapon– a very vulnerable one. No one would care about the survival of the Internet as long as its survival intervenes with one’s own interests. Internet after all is not without enemies. The more technology advances, the more we meet those longing for antiquity and the medieval life when things used to be simple. Ultimately, if the Internet were really to be destructed, it would be destructed not despite of, but because of its success.

If the threat does not come from amongst ourselves, it can very well come from the outside. While browsing the Internet we don’t worry about what’s happening in the center of our galaxy or on the surface of the sun. Getting used to seeing the sun rises every morning at a precise and predictable time makes us forget that the earth is actually floating in a violent and brutal universe filled with random comets and asteroids. Space Weather, for example, can have great impact on the global communication system, which could potentially put the entire global connectivity at the mercy of space. Not long ago in 1998, several satellites blacked out simultaneously because of a sun flare and many services went down instantly such as web pages and TV channels. Add to that, 12 satellites so far have been lost because of space weather, ESA (2004:05).

We are affected by the sun’s mood whether we like it or not. We can be subject to a future massive solar flare just like we are subject to the sun’s rays. The most gigantic one, known as the Carrington Flare, took place in 1859. It crippled the telegraphic communication all across North America and Europe. Computer engineers and space physicists are well aware of what a solar flare the size of Carrington would do to today’s extremely vulnerable communication infrastructure.

A major solar event could theoretically melt down the whole Internet. What earthquakes, bombs, and terrorism cannot do might be accomplished in moments by a solar corona. Eagleman (2012)

Electromagnetic storms are very common too. Quebec’s power went down in 1989 for 9 hours because of one — affecting 6 million people’s lives. The cause of this geomagnetic storm was a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun that took place on March 9th, 1989 and did not reach earth until 4 days after. From the micro perspective, IBM estimates that there is a new software error every month in every 256 MB of computer RAM caused by cosmic rays (Ziegler and Lanford, 1979:19-40, Tom 2008) despite the earth’s magnetic shield. These cosmic rays are unstoppable charged particles with high energies originating from the depth of space or the center of the Milky Way.

Now with the increase of chips miniaturization (Moore’s law), errors are expected to increase (Tom, 2008) since electronic components will increasingly be affected by cosmic rays. Let alone the worst-case scenario if the flux of cosmic rays increased. This confirms the weak spot communication technologies have vis-à-vis outer space. The earth magnetic field, which serves as a shield that protects the earth from violent solar flares, has been weakened the past decade. This is because the earth, as some scientists believe, is at the verge of a probable pole magnetic reversal (Wicherink, 2008:150), which is not an unprecedented event in the long history of earth. Thus, the current weak magnetic field and the vulnerability of our global communication infrastructure put the Internet at a greater risk of disappearing. On-going events of space weather can be predicted but only a few days ahead, and there isn’t much we can about them.

The Internet can be damaged in different ways. If the damage is not physical it could be virtual. Cyber-warfare and cyber-terrorism aren’t fictional concepts but real ones. Because the Internet will own every bit, and because every datum is connected to one single organism, the whole thing is at the risk of disappearing in bulk and at once. One single virus might have the potential of damaging every bit connected to the gigantic web.

We are living in a digital age in which any new piece of information is primarily poured into the internet, if not born in it already, before being committed to paper. In that sense, Internet is not a bunch of wires and servers connecting people, but there is more to it than just that. The Internet has become humanity’s huge database that hosts human knowledge. It follows that whatever harms the Internet would inevitably lead to the loss of human knowledge.

Ironically, one important consequence of the shift to digital publishing is that it leads to a potential loss of knowledge. Curt Rice (2013).

Such a horrible event is not unprecedented in human history. Civilizations, such as the antediluvian civilizations, lost a massive wealth of knowledge in the remote prehistory (Bauval and Graham, 1996). Even more recently, a similar event took place in Alexandria with the destruction of the Royal Library of Alexandria (391 AD), which was the hub of knowledge in the ancient world.

The Internet has proved to be efficient in processing and storing human knowledge, yet it hasn’t proved to be stable, permanent, or sustainable. The only reasonable way to store human knowledge is to diversify the means of storage, which is not something being seriously taken into consideration. Gathering and centralizing human knowledge into the-binary-system medium isn’t a cleaver idea. With all due respect to Claude Shannon, a backup storage with a medium of a different nature should be going in parallel; books for example.

Why are we in a state of heedlessness about the probability that the Internet may not be around in the future? Is it because we never contemplate the idea of a world without Internet although it always used to be the case? When asked the question: “What is life to you without internet?” some people responded: Life then would be “without colors,” “very slow,” “tasteless,” “lifeless,” or “I would feel locked up in a cell.” According to these sorts of reactions, which may be the case for the majority, life seems nihilistic without Internet. Is it possible that the Internet has given new meaning to life? Probably, because it seems as if the Internet has shifted from being ‘a means’ to being ‘an end’ in itself, and the slogan nowadays has become, “I am on-line therefore I am”. It seems we are putting our entire human worth and essence into a lifeless machine. Freezing all that is vital in us into ‘…01001010110…’

The Internet has empowered people; it has empowered nations, bridged gaps and brought the world together. However it is now being used to tear the world apart. Bilal Khalid (2012)

All in all, what does this change? What sort of attitude should we adopt if we were to approach Internet as something temporary in our life in particular, and in human history in general?


This is article was originally published on Morocco World News on November 26th, 2013. It has been re-published here on Collective Evolution with the full permissions of the author Zakaria Bziker. You can view the original article by clicking HERE.



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About The Writer
Zakaria Bziker is a student at Ibn-Tofail University (Kenitra, Morocco), currently pursuing a master’s degree in Education. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in General Linguistics.

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